Thursday, January 20, 2011


Forever is a loooooong time. 

For my 1st graders, forever is about....ohhhh.....3 minutes. When they're doing their fluoride wash, it's one minute that is FOREVER! But when they're doing an experiment with water and sounds and vibrations, forever isn't even in their minds.

I haven't posted in forever. I apologize. I've been trying to figure out a routine for myself. Yet again, this is a week which will not produce a routine. I've had a spur-of-the-moment FHE, a 2 hour Relief Society Activity, another spur-of-the-moment activity, tonight is a last minute notice of a birthday party, and tomorrow is pants shopping. I'm not complaining, but I need a night for figuring things out, soon! 

I started Student teaching on January 6th in 1st grade at Lake Ridge Elementary in Nampa. I LOVE it!!! They are such cuties! There are the funny ones, the smart ones, the ones that drive you crazy, and the just plain hilarious ones! Most of the time, all of them are funny. There's one boy who has the most expressive eyebrows I have ever seen. I get a kick out of them every day! There's one girl who hugs me whenever she goes anywhere-bathroom, backpack, recess, her name it! There's a boy who is so bright and knows every answer there is! There's a girl who plays the "Mrs. Curtis, where's my backpack" game every day after school (and hides it in the same spot every day.) There's a boy who beat my SOUNDLY at tether ball the first time I played against him. I looked like the pathetic girl. I should practice and give the kid a fight next time! ;)
Oh, I could go on and on. They are my loves right now!

I love my cooperating teacher. She is a lot of fun and really easy to ask questions, give opinions to, and to run ideas by. My principal is really nice and really friendly. I like the girls I eat lunch with every day. One reminds me of home. She just moved from Oklahoma. :) 

J and I are pretty much moved in. Sometimes, I forget where I've put things, but I usually remember where eventually. There aren't many places to put things. It's a small, but very cute house that we're renting. I love it! J had to kill a huge spider last night. gives me chills just thinking about it.... ew. (quarter size=gross=J has to kill it)

My ward here is really wonderful. They are extremely nice and welcoming, very friendly, and quite talented! Our RS activity this week was a great time! we did a get to know you game where you put 5 things in a bag that represent you and everyone has to guess who it is. My items were my Harry Potter wand, a deck of cards to represent my love of games, a Beauty and the Beast pin to represent my love of disney, a picture of my students from last year to represent being a teacher, and a package of Arkansas stickers. That one was the dead giveaway. :)

This is a really long post, but it has been a really long time! :)
Love you all!