Thursday, March 15, 2012

This awesome moment brought to you by...

1. Ripped my pants WIDE open today.
I put in my legs, then proceeded to shimmy them up a little by bending at the knees.
Then, RIIIIPPP! A foot-long hole. At least I laughed and then took a picture to send to my hubby, mom, and sister.
2. Happy moment! I got to stay in my car to close and open my garage door! My wonderful husband installed new openers!! Hooray!

3. I'm 16 weeks this week!!!

4. I got the COOLEST sword yesterday on a video game. (I know....) If I kill an "undead," there's a big shock sent throughout the room and it turns the others to ashes. AWESOME.

5. I started a blue/white baby blanket in high school and it was soooo wide, I never finished it. Now that I definitely don't care about it, I took it ALL out. Last Saturday, I started over with some new ideas. In about a 2 hour time, I got about 8 inches done. Now, I've run out of the yarn I had. I'm excited!

6. I've been exercising!! Every day (that didn't have rain and not on Sunday), I've been taking a 2o minute walk! I have warmed up and stretched, walked the greenbelt in the neighborhood, and cooled off. Then, I came home and read my scriptures. Awesome feelings.

7. Next Thursday, I'm going to the Doctor's office and we'll hear the heartbeat! Then, we'll set up an appointment to find out the baby's gender! Very excited about that!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Book Review for you ladies

This is kind of a long post, but I encourage EVERY woman out there who is in a relationship or plans to be in one to read this book. It taught me a lot and I know it can teach you as well.

For our 2 year anniversary, my in-laws gave J and I correlating books. I got "For Women Only" and he got "For Men Only."

They are books about the inner feelings and thoughts of the opposite gender.

J started reading his while he was out of town for 2 weeks. He talked about it a bunch to me and said I needed to start reading mine. So I started. I took my time at first since I was reading another book. But then it really started to get me interested. I read at least a chapter a day.

What I liked to do is read the chapter, decide my feelings and what I think J feels as well, and then ask him. I'd ask him the survey questions, see how he felt about quotes, and then put it into my brain for safekeeping.

There are 9 chapters.

The first one is an introduction. She tells you about how many surveys she did, how many men she asked questions, and how she came to realize the different things in her book.

Chapter 2 is about respect. How men really need respect and it's like how much women need love. They feel like love is the same as respect. That's how they want us to show our love is by respecting them in private and especially in public.
This is something I feel like I've tried my hardest to do since day one. J's sister sent us a letter when we were engaged about being married. The biggest thing she said that stuck with me was to love and support your partner when you're around your friends. Don't tease him, don't argue, and work to be their biggest advocate.

Chapter 3 talks about how men feel like they have to perform all of the time. They need to do their best or people will discover they know nothing about it.
It was interesting to ask J about this. I think he feels it some of the time, but there were a lot of men who felt like impostors at home, work, play, everywhere. It was rather shocking, actually.

Chapter 4 talks about a man's need to provide even if the woman provides a bit as well. The need is just part of how men are. Not learned at all. So crazy. In the men's book, it talks about how men want to provide financially no matter what and if you are financially stable, you can then handle any emotional problems you may have. The majority of women (me included) feels like they'd rather have financial hardship than relationship problems. It was an eye-opening chapter for both of us.

Chapter 5 talks about sex. About how men need it to feel loved and if a woman is only providing it because he wants it, then it's not making him feel loved. The chapter on sex in the man's book is very true as well and I agreed with the majority of women with just about everything in it.

Chapter 6 talks about how men visualize everything. Even the woman that he just saw is now imprinted in his mind. It was a tough chapter to read. It made me sad to think that any man would see a good-looking woman and then think about her randomly the next day. It's hard to believe, but true. I think the best thing I did with this chapter was talk to J. I asked him questions, decided on how to act, and will be doing my best to do that.

Chapter 7 was about romance. She says that men think that they are romantic. They like to be romantic but like it differently than women do. The biggest thing is that going outside to play a game is romantic to men. I asked J and his friend who was with us for a temple trip their opinions on this and they completely agreed. Doing things that the husband likes to do makes him feel loved and it's romantic to them. So me playing Halo, soccer, shooting a bow and arrow, playing D&D, and all of that stuff that J loves makes him happy. He feels romanced the way I do when he holds me or goes on a walk with me or watches the sunset. I think that chapter will change the way I respond to him and things he wants to do.

Chapter 8 Scared me. It was titled "The Truth About the Way You Look" and had a warning beforehand to pray. She wanted women to have the spirit of the Lord with them while they read so that they would be understanding and willing to listen to the men they love.
It talked about how when a woman is satisfied with how she looks, making an effort to look pretty, and happy with herself, he is happy. He finds that attractive.

Chapter 9 was about what men want women to know the most but can't quite figure out how to say it. It was how much he loves his wife/significant other. It made me cry. It was very sweet and heartfelt. The men's book was the same for the concluding chapter and had some very sweet quotes as well.

Sorry for such a long post. I tried to break it up with spaces so it'd be easier to read. I really enjoyed the book. I highly recommend reading it. She was very good at being sympathetic as she wrote, she used scripture references, and it spoke to Christian women. I think anyone could read it though-Christian or not.

Go try it out! You'll learn a lot and hopefully grow in your relationship with your spouse. (or boyfriend...etc) ;)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Awesome pregnancy moments

The dumb things I'm doing are going to drive me nuts eventually. I like being smart. I like knowing that I can articulate interesting conversation.

But pregnancy is getting in the way...

Last week, I was on the phone with my mom after going to the doctor (I heard the baby's heartbeat!) and I needed to go to the grocery store right after. But I forgot that. I got off at my exit to go home, drove for about 2 minutes and realized that I needed to go to the store. So I turned around, got back on the freeway, and headed on my way. What's even better is that I took the wrong exit again!!! I took the one that takes you to the right, when I needed to go left. So I turned around in McDonalds after buying a fish sandwich.

Then, the next day(?) I pinned my hair up, got in the shower, got my body wet, turned around to get my face wet, and realized I still had my glasses on. You can't exactly shower with glasses on.

Yesterday was absolutely ridiculous. I could have sworn that it was NOT Wednesday. I thought many times that it was Tuesday and/or Thursday. Not sure which was more dominant. It was Tuesday when I thought I was 15 weeks yesterday. Nope, that was the day before. It was Thursday when I subbed 2 days earlier. Nope, that was yesterday as well. Apparently subbing threw me off and needed to be days ago, not the day before.
Ridiculous. I felt so silly.

On a side note, I made a kid cry on Tuesday (yes, I'm positive it was Tuesday. I'm looking at a calendar). Yeah, he got mad at me, threw a book, and so I did the next thing in the consequences and he CRIED. I didn't really feel sympathetic at all. His tears just make me want to get out. I wanted to say "Go away and cry over there so I don't have to hear you"...heartless? Somewhat...but trust me, you wouldn't have felt any sympathy. I'm honestly glad I didn't laugh at him while he was crying that he was mad at me...

Oh, and something I need to send out to the void known as the internet...Some people on Facebook are idiots. Man oh man. Idiots. Hilarious most of the time, dumb all the time. It's a good thing I can laugh at the people I know and just shake my head at the people I don't know.

For instance, look at the girl who posted that she needed a babysitter for her kids for a couple months. Her sister then said that it's horrible of her for wanting to get a sitter because there are creeps out there. At this point, I wouldn't want HER to babysit my kids... She's being dumb and probably making my friend feel guilty. If she needs more work, there's a REASON. She's not being selfish. *rolls eyes*

Or the one that I'm loving right now who is posting things that I don't think she really believes. I'll leave it there. Just silly things that don't comply with the teachings of the church and she says she goes to church.

What else? I'm cold. My family's enjoying 70 degree weather and Idaho doesn't know what it wants to do. Last weekend, it was in the 60's. Tuesday, it was in the 30's. ugh.