Monday, March 28, 2011


Jason's cousin, Chantel got married in March. It was a beautiful ceremony. I love being in the temple. You could feel such a wonderful, sweet spirit there.

This is a picture that was at their reception. I thought it was a really creative picture of the Boise temple.
This is the group shot. Her colors were gray and lavender. It was very pretty.
This was in each of the bridesmaid's hair. I loved how adorable it was!
I loved the M on it for their last name. It would be cool to have that in our house.
It was very pretty. I love weddings. :) So much fun!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Homework Friends

I'm not a huge fan of homework. I would much rather blog, facebook, watch a movie, play rock band, even clean dishes! I know homework is good because then you're prepared and stuff, but it's not really that awesome.
I got the desk this semester. Jason had online stuff, so he was able to go wherever his computer could go. Since his battery is shot, that wasn't very far, but he still didn't need the space on the desk. You've seen pictures of it before with all of my candy friends. I like those friends. Always there for you. :) This one is more sentimental to me.
The paper on the wall is the lullaby my mom used to sing to me at night. I hope I'll be able to sing it to my kids when I have them instead of crying at the thought! :)

The willow-tree is from my mom as well. I got it my first semester at college. Underneath is a note from my mom that still makes me cry every time I read it. Very sweet.

Then, there's the warmth of the Scentsy warmer. J's family really is into Scentsy. I really like it too. It's a very welcoming thing. The scent I have in it right now is very nice and soothing for me.

I like this spot on my desk. It doesn't ever get covered in papers while I'm trying to figure out where to put things. It's always a place I can find friends.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

May have a problem here

So I'm about to do my homework and schoolwork and I look at my desk and think "oh man! I have to clean it off AGAIN! Where does all of this stuff come from?" I proceeded to look at my desk and plan out where to put things. This is what I saw.
I was slightly astonished and ashamed of myself. You see this? FOUR things of candy on my desk. That isn't including the pile of valentine suckers I got from my 1st graders sitting on my right hand side!
Sadly, days later, they have only moved off of the desk and onto another place in which they take up space and tempt me.