Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I want.

I want some sparkly high heels. I want them sparkly all over and really tall. 
 I like the silver ones better, but you get the idea.
I want some heels like this.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

In My Lovely Garden

 I have a garden in this new house. I've avoided it for a while. Early in the spring, I asked J's mom to come help me with my roses since she knew how to deal with roses. So we trimmed them and that was the last thing I did in the garden.

As you can probably tell from this picture, I let the weeds grow. 
Last Saturday, I called my mom and got some tips on what flowers to buy and what to do with them.
Then we bought flowers!!

Then, on Monday, I started weeding. I bought gloves, a kneeling pad, a hand shovel, a dandelion puller, and a hand rake. I worked from 8:30 until 10:30 and this is how much I cleared out all by myself!
Then, J's mom and sister came to help me. We cleared it all out! Including the ground clear that was definitely not working.
Today, J and I worked on the garden. We found out why the sprinkler behind the roses wasn't working correctly, found and fixed another sprinkler head in the garden, and added a whole other head. This is the trench we J dug for the T we created. I learned a lot about sprinklers today!

The rose bush on the left was right next to a pipe that had a hole in it, so we used that hole to create our new sprinkler.
Once the sprinklers were done, we got to plant! Here, the bushes are going in.
My sweet hubby in the garden finishing off the last flowers.
We also got 4 tomato plants from church on Sunday for Mother's Day.
I'm excited to see how it grows. Maybe my mom's right and I might actually like gardening...maybe...
The first rose on my bushes!!
A budding rose. So beautiful.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Belly Pictures

A little catch-up of bump pictures!

8 weeks
At this point, I didn't like much food. I knew I needed to eat but I never wanted to. I felt nauseated the whole day long.

12 Weeks
By this point, I'm hoping the nauseated feeling goes away. Some clothes feel snug and uncomfortable but no one can really tell but me and J. 

15 Weeks
Feeling pretty good now! I'm wondering if I'll
continue feeling pretty good.

16 Weeks
Not feeling pretty today...
But otherwise, still feeling able to do just about anything.
The view from above seems a lot bigger than it does from the side

17 Weeks
Traveling in a car for extended periods of time is not fun while pregnant. You need to use the bathroom about 3 times more than you used to.
18 Weeks
At the Grand Canyon. I think I felt the baby kick while swimming this week. But it could have just been gas. :)

19 Weeks
Look! A bump!!

20 Weeks
A day after this, I found out it's a boy!!
He started kicking a lot this past week and I think I know the difference between kicks and gas...maybe...
J got to feel him kick the first time I did as well. Such a special moment.
21 Weeks
Another long trip. Up to Coeur d'Alene, ID. Beautiful place. Me next to a moose :)

22 Weeks
Feeling awesome. I've done a lot of subbing, so I feel like I've done a lot of work, kept myself busy, and kept in good health.

23 Weeks
Found out this dress does NOT fit while pregnant. Too bad it does while standing...kind of...sitting was uncomfortable. Maybe in about a year, I'll fit into it...
24 Weeks
This was on Mother's Day. I was treated to pancakes, eggs, and bacon. J got me a new paper cutter and a 2 year subscription to the Ensign. Before getting ready, we were sitting on the couch and J put his head on my belly and asked a few questions. He asked if our little boy liked trains and planes and automobiles. But trains and planes are better, in case he wanted to know. Then, he put his ear to my belly to listen for answers. He got to hear baby boy's heartbeat!! He had his hand on my throat to discern the difference between mine and the baby's. It really was the baby's heartbeat. Super cool.

 It was a beautiful Mother's Day. I really felt loved and cared for and my baby told me many times how much he loved me as well with little bumps and pushes.

Now, I'm 25 weeks (pictures are taken on Sundays and my week turns on Tuesdays). Yesterday I had an appointment to see how things are going. I'm gaining weight at a good pace, I'm feeling pretty good-baby's pushing on a nerve in my tailbone...not fun-and baby boy is alive, well, happy, and kicking.

Yesterday morning, I was half awake and I felt pushes on my right and my left at the same time 4 times in a row. It was like he was doing jumping jacks inside of me! I saw a blog recently where she said that it's like a secret language between mommy and baby. I totally agree. I'm not sure what he's saying so far, but I love that we can communicate so often.

I love being pregnant. I think the 2nd trimester is my favorite. Too bad it's almost over!!!

I got some maternity clothes. 2 shirts, 2 capris, and a swim suit. I'm excited. I like that I can bend over in my capris and not worry that I'm about to moon somebody. :)

I ripped the jeans identical to the air-conditioned pants I showed you. I have decided good riddance is a good response. Way too cheap, so therefore, not well-made.

Funny substituting moment last week: a group of 4th graders came up to me during recess and Jordyn started to jab my belly and said, "does he feel that?" "YEP!" I say mid gasp.....hahaha children...

ooh, last thing: J and I got registered at Babies R Us!! :) yay!