Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Big Sister

My Big Sister's birthday is today.
She is the world's best big sister.

She's crafty! She made my veil for my wedding! I now have 2 of her fabulous bags, and she makes beautiful dresses, skirts, shirts, jumpers, you name it for her girls!

She is also tons of fun! She loves to laugh, go to midnight showings with me, be silly singing every other word to a song together, and overall, lots of fun to be around!

I'm ten years younger than my sister. She found out what I was at the ultrasound before anyone else did. The nurse knew she would want a little sister, so she pulled her aside and told her that I was a girl. I remember sleeping in the same room with matching bedspreads. I remember watching a chick flick in the living room on the hide-a-bed and sleeping there that night. She would complain about me hitting her in my sleep.
My sister is an awesome mommy. She thinks the world of those little girls! She is always looking for the best thing, the cutest thing, the sweetest thing for her sweet little girls!

We have fun together.

I love my sister. She's awesome. She cares so much for me! I love that she calls me so often when I'm away. I love talking to her for hours! I love all of the silly memories I have of her. I miss my sister. I wish I could be there with her to talk to her, to play games with her, and to just be around her! My sister is amazing.

Happy Birthday, Sizzy!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


These are my primary kids. They are simply hilarious! Jason and I taught primary this summer in our ward in Star and I thought they were insane at the beginning, but I'm beginning to miss them now! They're just crazy!
The girl on the left was funny. She had a lisp, talked A TON, and couldn't stop talking!
The next girl was the know-it-all. She shouted the answer before you finished asking the question. It drove me nuts for a while, but it became fun and exciting to figure out ways to get her to wait for me to call on her.
The next girl is adorable. She was new, so I don't know her as well, but her mom told me she really liked us and didn't want to have new teachers. She hadn't met her new teachers, but she didn't want them. She wanted us. awww!
Then, there are the boys. The first one is funny. I asked if they knew someone named Jose and he said, "Oh! There's a guy on So You Think You Can Dance named Jose!" I cracked up!
Then, the last one is the shy, I already know this stuff one. He's interesting because his mom teaches primary, too, so he knows the lesson better than I do *add an eye-roll from him* :)
The two girls in white got baptized the day before, so they are wearing pretty white dresses. Jason and I got to go to that and it was tons of fun to watch! I remember my baptism! This is me from my baptism. I remember being very absorbed into the social aspect. It was really refreshing to go to a baptism and essentially re-learn all of the things I learned at my own baptism. It's all so true and amazing! I love the gospel and what it promises me!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


So, I've been planning on coming back to Rexburg and making this really cool, long post with pretty pictures and details about my awesome trip to Arkansas, but I'm not sure where my cord is to my computer. Either it's somewhere in all my stuff here or somewhere in the house in Arkansas. So I guess you'll have to wait for a while before you get to see it!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This is us! Jason and Grace got married last year and we're entering our last year at BYU-Idaho! Jason is an Economics major and I am an Elementary Education major. We're excited to see what the world has in store for us!
Join us as we go through life's twists and turns!