Wednesday, October 22, 2014

27 Weeks: Busy!!

C using his microphone. Spiked hair. So cute.

Here's 27 Weeks!
This was Stake Conference. The night before was the adult session and then we had the general session Sunday. We were part of the choir, so we left early and had a Young Woman sit with C while we sang. He did great on the prelude, but freaked out for our intermediate hymn. 
This week was my glucose test and OB appointment, I hosted a new playgroup, I babysat Gigi again, J had a scout campout, and we played DND.
Overall, still feeling pretty good. More and more uncomfortable as far as battles over space inside, glad for cooler weather, but I still like being pregnant. :)

I love these boys!!!
That night, we had the Jones' over. 
I seriously need more pictures with them. We always have so much fun. I'm going to be a puddle of tears when they move away.

Burying C in his animals
And burying Daddy in the animals. haha

I think this was Monday. I took a shower and stuck him in there with me then filled the tub after I got out and got dressed. 
He's learning his alphabet. So stinkin' cute

Minutes after his bath, he tried on my mascara. So lovely!

Then we went to the store for a few things. TP, yard fertilizer, and I needed gas in my car.
We got our fertilizer at a store called Zamzow's. It's a great, local place here in Idaho where you can get pet stuff, yard stuff, garden stuff… it has tons. 
C LOVED looking at the animals. He could've spent 3 days straight just talking to the mice, frogs, and cats.

Monday night, we had fried chicken-My first time! I did great and I loved it! :)
and sweet potatoes from my garden!!! Peeling them was insane, but they tasted great and turned out beautifully! :)

After dinner, we went to the pumpkin patch!
C LOVED exploring. I think his favorite part was hopping from mound to mound.

We met up with Brady and Amanda who recommended the patch to us. C was happy to see Tess. He loves her tons!
We got pumpkins for me, J, C, and the baby. And two miniature ones for my table. 

The next morning, I got this awesome picture. So funny.

C went to "Hymo's" while I went to my OB appointment and got to use Daddy's How to Train Your Dragon lunch box ("NAH-NOH's!!!" said in a guttural voice)

Reading with Daddy

C has been very interested in drawing lately. He draws a squiggly jumble and calls it "Mommy" and it's fun, but when he asks me to draw Pooh, I'm thankful he's 2 and doesn't care about accuracy...

Swinging outside together. I love when I get real smiles from him

So strong!

The newest installment of Gelish nails was an experiment in spicing up my two color choices. :)
It turned out great! Right hand is a little worse, but not bad!!

Played some video games with my boy.
I sent this to J and it made him so happy. 

Wednesday night, we went to the corn maze with the youth. We had a good time, got the kids lost, and wandered out. We went on the hay ride, C climbed the big bales of hay, and he got to play in the "corn pit." They put a TON of dried corn in a HUGE rectangular box and you can just play in it like a sand box. He loved it. He loves going and hanging out with the youth, too. :)

Thursday morning, I weeded!
Then, I pulled out the zucchini plants!
And the Squash plants!
And some corn, and some peas and some beans!
I'm a beast!!
The marigolds took over the world, so it looks funny with them all tall and the tiny potato plants peeking up here in the huge excavation. But hey, they kept the icky bugs away from my squash!

The trash can was FULL and that was ONLY green trash. Bam!

Then I got results from my glucose test! Yay, it's normal! *sigh of relief*
It didn't taste too bad, actually. The orange last time was icky, but the sprite flavor of this one was pretty tolerable.

Apparently I'm very ambitious lately.
When we got C's bed frame, I set it up that day.
Then I did all that gardening the other day.
And when I wanted to change the baby bed to being baby height, I had to do it until it was done!
It took a long time, but I did it!
Here's proof that I did it while C played.

See the stripes down on his legs? That's his shirt.
Shaking my head

My Father in Law described this best. 
He lives a plush lifestyle.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when he holds my hand and doesn't let go as soon as he can possibly do it!

Last week, he took off his pj's AND his diaper while I showered. Thankfully, all of the stuffed animals were dry, but seriously, kid??
So when he had only taken off his pj's this day, I considered myself lucky.
We now sleep with safety pins in our clothing… (Just him…)

Events not pictured…
Playgroup was fun! I was very pleased and surprised with how many people came, so that was awesome! We had a great time, too!

Babysitting Gigi went well. It was a short appointment, so it was simple. Then Tami brought pizza for lunch and we got to hang out for a little bit!

J's scout campout went well. His assistant had to back out last minute, so he had to scramble for someone else to go with him. Thankfully, there were some who came to hang out and then one stayed the night. -lovely awkward two man tent filled with two grown men… lol-
I handled my night alone pretty well. The alarm was on and my mind was active until I finally zonked, but I was able to crochet, watch a cheesy chick flick, and get to bed before 11. Quite a feat!

DND was fun. It was a short one, but we all got to do some damage and get our weapons all awesome-ized. My hammer now has spikes that can suck souls out. Epic. :)

Quite a full week!
But definitely a good one! I like being busy and I love being able to hang out with friends.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 26: Babysitting, Moments of Pride, and Moments of Peace

Sunday sessions of General Conference!
C liked leading the hymns

Once the talks started, it was just a game of figuring out how to entertain him. :)
First, there was the frog tie

And then the basket head and bucket purse.

Belly picture!
October 5
2 pounder right up in there!
Feeling good, but definitely feeling more cramped as well.
I felt rather cute-looking that day, too.

My boys watching the airplane.

C wanted to feed the baby as well. He's buckled in under the bib as well.

He napped during the last session of conference and then J's parents came to have dinner and watch him while we went to choir. We are so blessed.

Monday, we watched Gigi again. They played well and then it was nap time. 
This made me thankful I didn't have two so close together.
I had them both at the beginning of nap time. While I was putting C in his bed, Gigi would come knock on the door and I'd have to start all over again.
So I locked her in my room with some toys across the house. I put C in bed, went to check on her, went back to put him back in bed, came back to her bawling. Went back to put C back in bed, came back to Gigi in hysterics. 
I then put on Curious George, since C was going to the door less, and put her in front of it. She was still unhappy unless I was sitting by her. C came to the door one more time, so I took care of him and ran back to Gigi. Then we started George. 
She fell asleep within seconds. haha

She started out like this

Then flopped to the other direction.
So cute.

I love this little boy.

More animal pictures.

I told him about my struggles with chasing after kids and such and this was what I got. lol

when I'm ironing a zillion shirts, I like to put on girly movies. How many times have I watched Twilight, you may ask? Who knows. I have no shame in that. :)

An empty bowl after eating breakfast alone!

This is C's handiwork at the camera. It was helpful, because this is our before picture.

And this is the after!!! 
We got a Craigslist bed for him! We're thinking harder to get out=more sleep!
We'll see...

Friday evening, we got to go to the temple! 
I love going there. It's such a peaceful, pleasant, beautiful place. 
I love being reminded of the promises I've made and the blessings I can have.
I am so thankful for this piece of heaven on earth among all of the hustle and bustle.

Saturday morning, we watched Gigi while her parents went to the temple. It's a nice trade.

C wanted to color and he wanted me to join him.
 So I pulled out my new coloring book from France that my parents got and had a ball coloring the beautiful picture. I think C liked coloring with Mommy, too.
I love coloring. I have my own crayons and coloring books. :)