Friday, October 25, 2013

Little Mr's 1st Birthday

C had his first Birthday!!
The day of his birthday, I had school meetings all day since it was the day before school started.
He didn't like his containment. There were a LOT of things to play with that needed to stay where they belonged. He didn't like it.
But I did get home and we got our dinner, ate, sang, and I rushed off to the Open House and then met up with them for the last band concert of the season. It was hectic!!

I had my awesome sister in law edit the pictures from the festivities for me. 
So Photos edited by Laney Photography. :)

The funfetti cupcakes

Adorable 1 year old

He did end up liking the cupcake and eating all of it. Cute boy!

 That next Saturday, we had a bigger party.
We went to gma and gpa C's neighborhood pool, swam, opened presents, and ate cake. It was lots of fun!
C LOVES swimming, so he enjoyed that part. 
Then we had chocolate cake. Oh the yumminess!!

My gorgeous, blue-eyed 1 year old!

Then it was presents!
We asked for unconventional toys like his favorite contact solution bottle and stuff like that. We got a bunch of real things like legos, clothes, and a doll, but we also got a vitamin bottle with things in it to shake, rings, pencils, a spatula. It was fun.

With Auntie K!
J's uncle and his family all came and visited. J's family that lived near was there, and we had some friends come!

The Swallows

The Porters
It was a great time and we enjoyed all of our friends and swimming and chocolate!

3 Months!!

Oh my goodness!!
My last post was in July!
I assure you that I am healthy, doing fine, and alive. Apparently my excuse of not being able to use the computer with my baby around is exactly what it is. An excuse. Just ask my sister... :)
But here's a small recap until I get blogs going!
July was a busy month. We had band concerts, babysitting, J tutoring, going dancing, and a white water rafting trip for this newbie.
The newbie is me... I rode the bull on "White Fluffy Bunnies" and on most of "Mystery Move." But Mystery Move had the desire to unseat all but one from the raft... So all but Kristin fell off. :) Good times.

In August, we had a lot of adventures as well. 
We went to Utah for a family reunion the weekend of my birthday. My sweet aunt made a chocolate zucchini cake for my birthday since I'd be spending the night at her place. Then I got to see my brother and his wife and crazy children. That was awesome.

A few days later, I got a phone call from the principal at my usual elementary school. They needed a sub for a 3rd grade teacher's maternity leave. He had had several full-time subs back out on him and needed an answer that day since school started in 4 days.
So I accepted a job to sub for 7 weeks in 3rd grade. Roughest 7 weeks of my life. I think I'd take morning sickness over it... :-/

C turned 1 the day before my subbing!! Blog on that is up next.

Subbing was my September. I'll post a blog all about it. :)

Now we're in October.
So far, pretty good! My last subbing day was the 4th, so I've been a free woman for most of it! We went to Utah the first weekend to see my parents and little brother-He got into BYU-I! yay!! Then we played, then we played, then we are playing some more!! I've gotten laundry done and folded and put away in ONE day, I've organized, I've decorated... I LOVE being a stay at home mom. My kid knows so much and loves me more than most of those 3rd graders, so I'm happy!!

So I will be posting more pictures and blogs! huzzah!