Wednesday, March 25, 2015

February: Warm days, Wonderful smiles....Other W words that won't come to mind...

February was a good month.

First, I'll start you off with a picture of my snoring babe. So stinking cute. 
And my handsome hubby is a wonderful daddy.

My dear friend, Camille, came from Utah to see her family and when she comes, she makes time for me! I love it!
This is her baby holding mine. Shannon LOVED holding him. She would ask to hold him, then give him back, then ask to hold him, then give him back. It was so cute.

A's pacifier ring looks like an excellent mustache.

The beginnings of smiles started then! He's a cutie who loves his mommy and daddy.

In his first bow tie.
We love bow ties in our family.
Both of my boys after church

Catching kisses from C to his baby brother is a difficult task. They go by quickly.

Number 1 is a cute boy. He's loving and caring, but definitely a 2 year old... :)

A few funny pictures 


Talking-he's starting to coo and it's adorable.

He tries soooo hard to keep his head up. He isn't too great at it, but he's persistent!

C loves to share his toys with A...for now... lol

My first time running with the boys.

Isn't he cute?! Those eyes.

I love when my babies are so happy with their milk that they look kind of drunk. So cute.

he's pensive when he sleeps :)

C brought over some legos and sang happy birthday to me and I had to blow out the "candles" which were lego flames. So cute

We made a "circus house." I love it

I love this boy

We watch the Minions preview over and over all the time here at our house. C loves minions. He hasn't even seen Despicable Me. Kinda funny.
We saw minion hats at Target, so we all put them on.

Our friends have great toys in their front yard that they don't mind if we play with. 
We love hanging out at #parkizatt :)

C shares his food with A. He LOVES veggie straws and tried to feed some to A. I also heard A gagging one day and turned to see C trying to give him a carrot... whoops!

This was on Valentine's day. I got to snuggle my baby and he fell asleep on me. I love that.

after he got up, he had lines all over his face from my shirt. so cute

For Valentine's day, we went to a movie on $5 Tuesday, went out to dinner on Saturday, and watched a movie.

A slept in his Sunday clothes.

C figured out how his car quilt was supposed to really work. It was darling watching him put the cars in the houses and stores and talking to each other.

C's toy hammer is now a gun to use on people.

We got to play with Gigi one morning. It was fun and she looked darling in the work goggles

C loves his blankie. He loves his brother so much he actually put it on A while he was sleeping. Big deal! So sweet!

These safety goggles crack me up
Especially the line on the forehead and nose he has afterwards. lol

Another great friend came to visit! Gracie is an old roommate from my first semester of college.
She lives in New York, but her grandparents are in Nampa, so we get to see her when she comes to town! C was confused a little by the two Graces, but he loved her.

Another sleeping picture. My little burrito

C took this picture and I love it so much.
Breastfeeding is wonderful. I'm so glad it is easier this time. A is a great eater... as is apparent by my chunky kid!

here's C singing "I see the moon"

Gracie brought C this awesome hoodie, too. It took a few days for me to convince him to wear it, but when he did finally wear it, he loved it.

C got this awesome book for Christmas and I love it. It's called "Don't Push the Button." You should look it up.

Smiling with Daddy

After bath time.

Those rolls!!!!

We went out to dinner with J's parents and C ate his ice cream cone by licking it off of his pinkie. So funny

My boys.

Commence sparkly glitter hearts explosion

A group of girls from church and others get together for a play group. We switch hostesses and they decide where we go. We had a few warm days in February, so we went to the park. It's a fabulous park with rails all the way down so you don't have to worry quite as much with your kids on it.
Here's C with "Hymo" (Hyrum)

Gigi had second thoughts halfway down

Tersely loved this slide

Hyrum would only go down with his mom. It was cute.

I love how tightly he clings to me, sometimes. It's so cute!!

When C was this old, Beckett's big brother was about A's size in proportion. It was strange to see my kiddo being the bigger one. :)

C discovered my Padme dolls again.

See that circle by the wall back there? That was my table.
That table was my dad's when he was little. So it's old and has been owned by all of my siblings before me.
The other table in the picture is our new one! A guy moved into J's parents' ward and had a table with 2 leaves and 7 chairs up for grabs. We jumped on it and LOVE it! We still have the old table in the garage, but have really enjoyed having our new table. Especially having comfortable chairs!

Tami, Amanda and I got together and did gelish nails one night. It was great.
My color (the blue) was called "Wiggle fingers, wiggle thumbs, that's the way magic comes"

C picks up big enough sticks and says "I'm Moses!" when we're on walks. I love it.
Thank you, Prince of Egypt!

I liked how he was asleep holding his pacifier.
(my baby's going

2 month checkup. 
13 lb 4 oz (75%)
23 1/8 in long (70%)
16 in head (90%)
Chunky, sweet little monkey!!!