Monday, October 17, 2016

September 2015-Grandma and Grandpa T, Preschool, Pirates, and first teeth!

My parents came! They told me they would come for Labor day and a few days surrounding it. I couldn't have been more excited!

But, of course, when your parents come to visit, you must clean house! And car. And anything else that seems like it might need it!
Whilst cleaning my car, I found these black feathers. ANOTHER FEATHER!!! 
When J and I got married, one of the decorations we had for our car was a whole bunch of multicolored feathers. Everywhere. In the visor, in the air vents...I've been finding them ever since!!

We decorated the driveway for them

I love that this kid loves books. So lucky to have book-loving babes!!

Check out this skull mushroom. Cool, huh?

While my parents were in town, we went on a motorcycle ride!!
Dad rented one and J rode on his. Mom and I switched off riding on a motorcycle and driving the car with the boys in it. It made it simpler for us to have the boys with us than to figure out babysitting for most of the day.

We drove to Idaho City and Lowman. It was beautiful and awesome.

We stopped at a hot springs in the Lowman area. They were lovely!

My dad teased me about my enthusiasm for vegetables from my garden. He said I'm like his Aunt Louise (right?) who used to rave about her food with fresh veggies from the garden. I did the exact same thing. Here's my awesome onion!

Love how much my parents love my kids!!

We went to Zoo Boise before they put the butterflies away for the winter. It was great!

And then we ate at Chick fil A. 

We found some cool things to do while they were here, including going to the Spirit of Boise Night Glow.

A handful of hot air balloons come to town and do cool shows. One of them is the night glow where they are tethered to the ground and turn on the flames. It's beautiful!!

I love having my parents come to town! They are wonderful and so much fun! I get so spoiled by them and miss them more when they're gone! I gave my dad a list of things I wanted to fix and improve in my house and he went above and beyond. He knew how to get to Lowe's within a day of being here. haha!

After they went back to Arkansas, it was back to normal life. J's mom was out of town for a while, so we were excited to see her again!

He's cute

And so is he


This kid has learned to love board games. They can be frustrating since he doesn't quite understand them, but it's cute.

I'm the luckiest girl around. Look at those handsome guys before church!!!

Goopy oozy heart over here!!

School at home! Learning Letters!

A hail storm is a cool time for learning!

Following Daddy with his own lawn mower

Talk like a pirate day for Krispy Kreme

We got 4 dozen donuts that day. Yum but wow. lol

Thinking about stairs

This picture makes me so sick now. 
Gpa Greenhalgh noticed how much C loved his walking stick so he made C one! It was darling!!!
Why it makes me sick? We lost it on a campout in June. Hurts my heart.

We watched Gigi a lot while her mom worked. These two can fight like they've been married for 60 years. But they sure love each other tons, too!

I'm doomed to have to replace socks a lot. This is one of J's socks and one of C's socks. 

Having lunch with Daddy at work

We walked/ran a 10k! I like that they give you medals for that!!

The women's broadcast is one of my favorite parts of conference

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate day, I did a treasure hunt with a map for Primary singing time. It was so fun!!

One of the ways to keep C and Gigi happy with each other is to learn and have organized activities. So I did school! This is learning about the letter E.

A likes to feast upon the words of Christ. haha

I think this was F for flower.

Love these two so much!!!