Monday, February 21, 2011

Cards and Memories

Tonight, J and I are trying out a local band in Caldwell. I'm hoping it will be pretty easy since it's non-tryout and I have student teaching to work on. I decided to pull out the old clarinet and make sure I could still play. When I opened my case, lo and behold, I still have a deck of cards in it.
I love cards. I have a ton of them! (see picture below) I love playing lots of different games. My favorites are pounce, shanghai, 3 to kings, and good old fashioned speed. ERS is fun too, but in the right company.
In high school, cards were a necessity. We played almost every day.... in my AP European History class. ( I learned a TON in that class! ;) ) I made sure I had a deck of cards in my purse, in my clarinet case, and I think even one in my car.
Cards were also always there at girls' camp. We loved signs. That's a fun one. Janet shared the best trick. So far, no one knows the sign who wasn't told!

Finding my deck of cards in my case brought back so many memories, I thought I would share!
What was your favorite pastime in high school?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My kids

I have a lot of kids....
No, not my own, but kids I call my own and love like my own.
I am usually talking about a child that isn't my own when I say "my kids" in a sentence.

One possibility is my Primary kids (last summer, but still were my kids). They were so cute! I loved it! It was always fun to tell stories about them.
Then, I might be talking about my students. I LOVE teaching. It's my life. I love being there and learning from these crazy kids!
Then, there are the little loves of my life. My nieces and nephews. I miss them so much! I have a screensaver that makes me miss them so much!! It's not a healthy screensaver sometimes. It can provoke tears and then I'm crying about things I wasn't crying about or worried about beforehand. It can be a mess.
Last week, that happened to me. It wasn't a splendid day. I got lots of things wrong, I made lots of mistakes, but I was surviving and then boom! In comes my screensaver to interrupt my recovery and whacks me with my kids who I don't know when I'll see next. It wasn't fair. I've mostly recovered... I think a video chat this weekend will help a lot. I miss those adorable children!