Tuesday, February 26, 2013

January 2013!

January was a good month!

We came back from Arkansas the last weekend of December, so we were able to go to the Dr. for his 4 month appointment in, technically, December.
Here's C at the Dr. 14 lbs 3.5 oz (18%), 25.5 inches long (54%), and 16.75 head (69%)

J grew a beard in December so this is him before he cut it off. It wasn't too bad once he had it. Thankfully, I was in Arkansas for the stubby, scruffy growing out part.

The in-laws are starting up a tradition to make things out of duct tape and so this year, we had a theme of movies, so you could make anything from any movie. I made Dory!

C's Texas cousin, TJ came for Christmas, so we were able to spend new years and our own Christmas with them. Here, TJ is showing C a toy and he is fascinated.

I'll name this one "Mine."

C loves his new MP3 Player he got from his Texas family

Sadly, he got sick again. This time it was Bronchiolitis (is that how you spell it?)
But here's our family one Sunday afternoon. We're cute.

And my sick boy. :(

Boise is a very mild place. We are dry, can get really cold, and can get really hot, but usually no snow. This year, we had a very uncharacteristic winter and had tons of snow, horrible inversion, and lots more snow.

C asleep in his basket still kinda sick.

Bundled up with Daddy

C now reaches for things and plays with things that he can get his hands on. When we're changing his diaper, he plays with his feet, his diaper.... so we have toys now at our changing station. Here he is trying to grab a toy with his tongue. :)

My sister in law gave me a bunch of bags of clothes and accessories and stuff, so I got to go through it, lent it to a bunch of friends, (4, I think) and then took it to DI. Here, C is enjoying one such accessory.

After C got better, J got sick! :( So he stayed home from work on a Monday, we watched 1/2 of the 2nd season of Downton Abbey and then he stayed home and worked from home the next day and we finished the 2nd half of the season. Needless to say, he got a little hooked. :) We're only about halfway through season 3, so don't spoil anything!!!

Beautiful boy.

He now reaches out and touches our faces. It is so tender. J is singing Jungle Book songs in this picture and C is just touching his face. Sometimes, it's really funny and he puts his hand on our mouths as if to say, "SHhhh, Mom. You're talking too much."

I LOVE this picture. He was just so happy and excited and holding his friends, the monkey and bird. :)

Laying on the floor with Dad

J had C out in the kitchen with him while he ate, then I just wheeled the high chair into the bathroom so I could shower when J left for work. He then fell asleep in his high chair. Sweet boy.

Heehee This one's a keeper for his wedding slideshow one day!

Sweet little toes

Me and my boy after bath time.

My in-laws moved to a smaller house in December. This is the old house. I went over to help clean up and so I got a last picture of the place. It was a great place. But the new one is pretty cool!!

C is learning how to sit up!!


He loves the baby in the mirror. So he lays on the bathroom floor while I'm getting ready and just looks at himself. 

Apparently, I was a little VERY emotional one day, so I got out my coloring books and crayon tower and had crayon therapy. That smell is close to my heaven. Crayons, old books, fresh bread...mmmmm

Tender moments

We call my mom a lot on facetime. This is sometimes how we talk, so that I can see the screen and C is looking at Gma, not the blue phone cover.

C asleep for naps. He is now not swaddled at all in the day. We're working on nighttime.

I saw a friend bathe her baby like this. shallow water and laying down. Brilliant!! I think that this way, he won't freak out when I have to rinse out his hair when he's older and can sit up in a slippery bath tub.

I know, this is random, but I LOVE cute socks! I had to throw away my chocolate covered strawberry socks. I'd had them for FOREVER, but I'm sad to see them go.

Another tender moment.

He fell over and just smiled at me. :D

And that, my friends, is January! I'm planning on blogging better. :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


Sooooo I have been trying to post a blog with about 5 videos for about a week and a  half now.
I don't like Blogger's video uploader.
It's stupid.
And annoying.
And takes forever.
And when it takes forever, I leave my computer to do other things, it falls asleep, and then the blogger program stops trying.
All 5 hours gone to waste.
And now, I thought of doing another blog to keep my readers happy and to write down what's going on, but I haven't uploaded pictures to my computer!
Never-ending cycle. Urg.
I will post. Today?
Who knows.
But this is to let you know, dear blog and dear readers, that I have not forgotten you. I'm just annoyed with the ridiculous-ness that I'm fighting... :)

Love you all!