Sunday, October 17, 2010


I like to do crafts. I'm always really nervous during the process, but it always turns out really well!
This summer, I didn't do as many crafts as I had planned, but I still did a lot!
This is a jean quilt! I've been working on it-slowly-for about 2 years now. I had the squares all lined up in their columns, but this trip to Arkansas I finished it!!
It's for all of those awesome picnics we'll go on! :)

J and our beautiful nieces playing on the blanket.
So this isn't quite a "craft" as you would identify it, but I think it's quite crafty! I did the bride's hair! She's in beauty school, so she brought home one of their FANCY curling irons and I got to use it on her hair. It took two and a half hours, but it looks beautiful! I'm quite proud of it!
This is a baby blanket I crocheted for one of my best friends and her new baby. I started it at the beginning of this summer and finished about 3 months later. I would crochet while watching tv and then when we were driving 25 hours. I used the same pattern my mom always used for when she made baby blankets. It's got two strands of yarn-one yellow and one white.
Then, I improvised with the border. I'm really proud of it!
Also when I was in Arkansas, we made cards (forgot to take pictures of each card, but I'll let you imagine the awesomeness) and jewelry. These are a pair of earrings I made. Everyone wanted their own pair. :)
I love making things. It's fun to be able to say, "Oh, thanks! I made them!" when someone says it looks good.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I love college!

I have loved being up here in Idaho. It may be absolutely freezing at times, but it sure can be beautiful!
I discovered here at college while getting smartified, that snowflakes really look like the paper cut-outs you do in elementary school! Not just balls of fluff!!!!
Like I said, gorgeous!!
I loved going to dances! I really got a lot of use out of my gorgeous dresses from high school!
I love BYU-I-do!! It's totally stereotypical, but it's true. Everyone gets married. These are the three roommates I can claim as "marrying off." They met their someone when I was their roommate. I have several FHE sisters I saw get married. I have lots of old roomies that I have now seen get married. I love weddings!!!

My roommates were AWESOME!
I loved FHE!
We always had fun together.

I loved making quote walls!!
Random trips to Walmart! The best!!!
And my best friend that I met here at BYU-Idaho. He's truly awesome. And I'm so lucky!

I love being around all of the people that believe the same things that I do.
I love that I attend a school where we pray before every class.
I love that all of my teachers live the same standards I do.
I love the atmosphere.
I love Devotionals on Tuesdays.
I absolutely love religion classes!

I didn't know for sure that this was the right place for me to go. Once I got here, though, I knew.
I still know. I still know that this is the right place for me right now. I'll admit, I'm jealous of my friends that get to go home more than for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But I know that I am so much wiser and grown up now that I've gone through being away from home.
I have learned so much!

Most of all, I have learned to rely on my Heavenly Father. I know he will never lead me astray or leave me on my own.
Philippians 4:13 has been my strength throughout my tough times and even my easy times.
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."

Friday, October 1, 2010


I think Arkansas is pretty much amazing. I grew up there and think it's awesome. This summer, Jason and I worked in Boise and saved some money by living with his parents. So mid-August, we drove the 25 hours and 1,559 miles straight through the night to get there.

This was the beautiful view of Jackson, Wyoming.

Pretty much the best sign ever. :)

We were pretty excited.

Lu and I had a joint birthday party, so we blew up a ton of balloons. Ev learned how to blow them up, so we had a lot!
This is the kids drumming on them and stomping around the house in beat with the "drums."

Birthday girls with our Funfetti Elmo cake!

Lu LOVES Jason! She would come over in the morning and come straight up to our room. She told us how much she loved him. One night, she cried that she wanted to play with Jason.

One night when the parents were making sushi, us kids went upstairs and played dress up and had a little fashion show. Here's M the bride.
And this is Lu as her bridesmaid

Here, I chose her outfit. She was a hunter. :)
Yummy sushi!!!
I told you she loved him!!
And Jason loved it!!!
It was an awesome trip. Two wonderful weeks of just family with a touch of friends put in there! I miss them, of course, but it was a good visit. It should hold me over until Thanksgiving! :)
We had lots of fun nights of camping, games, jewelry, cards, crafts, and just a lot of fun stuff. It was great!!