Thursday, February 23, 2012


I'm so happy!!
I'm thrilled!
I worked hard yesterday to clean up my new home. Sure, it wasn't that bad, but better to clean before anything is in there than after. We had a kid in the ward come and clean our carpets, too, so it smells a lot better. It smelled fine with the new carpet smell, but I like clean carpet wayyyy over new carpet.

I'm sitting at my desk right now in the small house. We should come up with a better nickname for it. The little white house?
Here are some pictures of the old, little, white house.
I'm thinking of all the wonderful things that I'll have in the Sweet house.
I'll have a table more than 4 can sit at!
I'll have counter space!
I will have a pantry! This cupboard is my pantry right now.
I'm so excited to have a full door for my pantry!!!
My desk will be in another room, so now I won't be embarrassed when someone comes over and my desk is mess!
J's uncle gave us a leather couch. It's big, brown, and free. I love free stuff!!!
I will have a WALK-IN closet!!!!!!!
But I think J gets to be even happier than I do...This was his closet for the past year.
He's such a good sport.
-I didn't put a picture, but I'm excited to get out of the bed on my side instead of crawling over J's side!!!-

I'm excited to have a double vanity, a mirror I can see myself in, a curved shower rod, and overall more space in the bathroom!!
Oh, I'm so excited. I think waiting during this week was actually a very good thing. I was able to clean the house, get the carpets cleaned, sweep, mop, set things up gradually, and really be truly excited.

Oh, I'm excited not to have to pull a U-turn to get out of my parking spot. And for my parking spot to not be taken!!!
On monday, I was pulling out to go to band and didn't see a car. Almost got hit broadside, because I didn't see him. Scary. Made me also very excited to live on a quiet street.

I was doing a video chat with my younger brother a week or so ago and he heard a car drive by my house in first gear going 40. He asked what it was. I told him it was a car. "Is your door open??" he said. Ha, no. I just live in the ghetto where it's cool to rev your engine and be obnoxious.
I'm also glad that I'm going to be living in a neighborhood. We'll have neighbors, kids riding bikes through the streets, it's gonna be so much better than now where weirdos walk down the alley by this house yelling at someone else.

I know owning a house isn't going to be all peachy. I realize that. I know it's harder to keep up. You have to fix your own problems and pay for it too. I realize that.

Yesterday, I was trying to de-winterize my house. I called a bunch of people and was led back to the home inspector. I really appreciate that man. He's been great to us through the houses we've tried to buy.
So I'm on the phone with him and he tells me I need to get into the crawlspace to turn on the water. I don't like spiders. Small spaces. Overall: crawl spaces.
I also needed scissors and a tool that I didn't figure out until after the excursion to get the scissors. So after getting the scissors, I called him to find out what to do next and he asked if the boogieman got me...
I laughed and said no. But then I realized I needed a tool that I didn't have with me. I knew I had it at home. He decided then that he would rather not hear me scream out because something went wrong, so he drove all the way here to Nampa from Eagle. A 30 minute drive. He gets here, gets the knut off that I needed a tool for, and then can't turn the knob to turn on the water. He's had pipes break in his hand and doesn't want that, so he calls a plumber he knows to replace the valve. Ugh.

4 hours later, the plumber comes, turns it on on the first try, and says that Derek (home inspector) just needed to man up and turn it. :)

So he de-winterized the house for me and instead of charging me the 80 it would cost to just have the plumber come out, he charged 40. yay!!

I went to bed very sleepy yesterday, that's for sure! I was tired.
I'm very proud of myself for getting into the crawlspace and dealing with the hard stuff.

And I can't wait until Saturday when all of my stuff will fill the house!!! yay!!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Our First House!!!

Today, my sister told me she remembered the house but didn't remember anything about it. So I'm putting up pictures again. I think in my sadness and anger at Fannie Mae, I deleted the pictures from my computer, but I still had these on the blog, so I've cut and pasted and added a few things here and there.

We signed papers yesterday and are getting the keys today. We waited a little long to get everything turned on, so we'll see when it is all ready to move in.

We were walking into the title company yesterday to sign and still didn't really believe we were going to get the house. I think I was expecting her to walk out, say "sorry, but there was another mistake and you have to live in your tiny house until November! Better luck next time!" But she didn't! We've signed our lives away for a very long time. I'm so excited!! lol
We're homeowners! Weird!! :)

So here it is!! It's on Sweet Drive. Isn't that cute?!
You walk in and this is the living room.
This is the dining area. We're planning on taking out the blinds there and putting in curtains. Eventually.
To the left of the dining area is this beautiful kitchen.
Window over sink!
Oh, it's so pretty!!!
Then, to the right of the living room is the laundry room, the door leads to a 2 car garage...
This is the master bedroom. With a ceiling fan!! woot!
To the right is the entrance to the master bath...
And here's the master bath!! 2 sinks! big mirror! and if you turn right, there's a walk in closet....ahhhhhhh space!
This is bedroom 1
Bedroom 2-baby's room
Second bath. the ring in the mirror isn't really there. I think it's a glare.
The back of the house. There's a little covered patio right behind it, the diagonal window is the one over the sink. the window on the left of the house is our bedroom and the one on the right is bedroom 2.
The nice, big yard. See the dying grass on the left, far? I don't think it's dying now, but that's where we'd probably put a tree to cover up the really close neighbors in the light house with windows RIGHT there.
We're so excited!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3rd Grade Subbing

Awkwardly awesome experience today...I got to talk about sex to 9 year olds...

The 3rd graders I subbed for today got dictionaries. A lady came in and gave all of the kids in the 3rd grade brand new dictionaries to keep forever. They were thrilled. When they found out it was free, they actually cheered.

So I had a hard time steering them back to work throughout the day. I was always asking them to put their dictionaries away.

After lunch, I'm doing read-aloud in Fablehaven. I love that she reads this every year. I always get to read the good stuff!

I only got to read a page and a half. A girl came up to me while I was reading and brought her dictionary up with her.
She said, "That boy and that girl are showing everybody this word," she showed me the word sex, "and making everyone look at it and giggling about it. I'm really uncomfortable with it."
I told her I'd deal with it in a bit after I read, especially since talking to someone right after the person who told you just talked to you is really awkward for the teller.

So I kept on reading, planning to talk to them after read-aloud one on one.

Then, about 3 more girls come up and complain about the same thing. Showing me the word in the dictionary and saying they were uncomfortable with how the kids were talking about it and giggling about it. Kudos to them for talking to me about it, though!

I decided to finish the paragraph and handle it as a bigger class than just one on one, since apparently they were bugging a LOT of people.

I said a little prayer so that I'd say the right things and got their attention.
I said I needed them to be serious and listen to me for a minute. I told them to put the books down, turn and face me, and listen carefully. -they actually obeyed. I think I had them intrigued-

Then I said, "I've heard that a couple of you are turning to the word sex in the dictionary and making people feel awkward."

Every spine stiffened.

"I also know that in your dictionary it only talks about meaning gender, or male or female. Words can have more than one meaning. There's this word which is another word for gender and there's what you've all heard about which is a very sacred thing between a husband and wife."

A kid raised his hand and said, "Why couldn't they have just said gender?"

I said, "Because this word still means gender. It's just like curse words, for example. They have two very different meanings. And one of them is something we don't say and the other is a very normal thing."
A kid chimed in and said, "Like how the a-word means donkey!"
"Exactly. They mean things that are normal and every day and also something that we shouldn't talk about. Curse words came because someone once decided that they would use the word to be mean and call names. If I were to call Juan a monkey and decided that was the new swear word, we could change how we view the word monkey in years to come." the kids laughed and said monkey to themselves. "Sex means two different things. One is gender, and the other is something that we need to keep special and sacred for husbands and wives.
And those of you who are giggling about it and making people feel uncomfortable know who you are. You know it's making them uncomfortable, so please don't do that. Don't do things that make others uncomfortable."

Then a girl said, "Why did God make bad words and even sin?"
One of those questions where if it had been my kid, we would've had an awesome conversation.
Instead, I said, "That is a conversation I would love to have at another time and place."
She asked if she could stay after school and talk about it. I then said that it's not my place to teach religion in school."

So yeah, that was how my afternoon went. :)
It was crazy!!!
And hilarious.
I was very thankful for the spirit's guidance as I talked to these 9 year olds about respecting other people and their feelings.
It was an interesting conversation.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guess what else?!

Look what I am!!! I'm prego!!!
I'm due the end of August and I'm 10 weeks along!
We got to see it yesterday and we're very very excited. It's so real now!!!