Thursday, August 28, 2014

11 Weeks and Father's Day

I found the tummy picture I took for this week!
Such a teeny bump!

It was this cute guy's father's day. His present from me (and definitely my mom) is his car quilt that I mentioned earlier. His cereal of choice that day was Pops for the pop. :)
J is an awesome dad. He's patient, loving, plays with C, helps him, provides so willingly for him. I'm so excited to bring another little human into this family!
We both have wonderful dads, too.

J brought home some donuts -my FAVORITE when I'm pregnant.

Mowing with Daddy.

He was mowing barefoot, so he got some green toes. :)

Gangsta boy

I love our random excursions to Olive Garden. And I think this boy does, too. 

Playing Dungeons and Dragons that weekend, I rolled a natural 20! hoorah!

10 Weeks

This is from the beginning of June at 10 weeks. 
At this point, no one thinks I'm pregnant, but I definitely could see a difference. 

After only a week of growing underground, my garden started to sprout!!! Oh man, I was soooo excited! There's just something amazing about seeds actually sprouting.

He's a cute boy.

My sweet friend, Janet, from Arkansas lives in Rexburg and her job sometimes brings her out to Nampa! She was here for a barbecue at work and invited us to join her and chat a little bit. At this point, we were telling close friends that I was pregnant, but hadn't put it on Facebook yet. So we told her we were pregnant. :)
I love this girl!

First harvest of my garden: Basil!! 

I think they're watching a soccer game from the World Cup. C loves his daddy.

A little blurry, but I love this picture.

Swimming in Gma and Gpa's FREEZING pool. Apparently the HOA in their neighborhood didn't realize the heater wasn't working for a while. Boy that was a cooooollllld pool!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The weekend after my mom went home, we went CAMPING!
We got a place together with two other couples and their babies. 
J, C, and I got to the campsite at about 7 (when we all planned on getting there) and set up our tent. 
 The other two couples were caravanning their way to us, so we didn't expect it to take too long. They got there at 9… So J worked on making a fire (one couple was bringing the firewood) and C and I found wood for him. When the fire was barely going, they all got there! Yay!
This is J setting up the telescope he borrowed. There were so many trees and such a bright moon that we couldn't see much especially since the telescope moved tons with the slightest touch.

Best part of this picture? The fact that he could see what he was doing and decided to make that face… goober.

The site was lovely! Lots and lots of pretty pines, a lake wayyy out there past the trees, and some pretty foliage.

The night was…. interesting… We bought C a sleeping bag for him to grow into. We had him sleep in it in his crib for a few days before the camping trip, which helped a little so he wouldn't be scared. Then I brought tons of other blankets, the cushion from our play pen, and lots of layers for pj's.
I had expected to put him down when it got dark enough. That was at about 10. (worst part of the north is late sunset in summer…) 
I put him in his bed and tried to walk away, but by the time I had walked 20 feet, he was at the tent door crying.
So I went back in, laid him down, and laid with him singing and humming. He was lulled to sleep about 30 minutes later, and I was able to sneak out.

When we got to bed at about 12:30/1, he then woke up about 5 times between that and 6 am when he decided it was time to wake up.
But hey, I expected the worst, so at least he didn't ruin my expectations!

Since I was the first Mom up, I got our breakfast going. We made a casserole concoction with hash browns, bacon ends, eggs, and seasonings with cheese, of course. :)
It was really yummy. 

This was our campsite view that morning. So beautiful.

Miriam, Andrew, and Salem.

Amanda, Brady, and Tessley.

Our three tents

We hung out, played games, had breakfast, cleaned up, and packed up to leave before lunch. We weren't staying there Saturday night since it's 2 hours away from home, so we headed out. This is the pretty lake. We had plans to find a park across the way to eat our hoagie sandwiches at and play.

My very tired boy fell asleep about 2 seconds onto the dirt road… :)

We found a cute park across the way and on our way home where we had lunch, let the kids play, and rested our aching bodies. :)

It was a fantastic experience. I loved it. We had taught C to point to my tummy when we asked him where the baby is, so that's how we told our friends that night. 
We drove the 2 hours home, unpacked, and showered. C got a nice little bath.

He went to bed on time and then J went to play a long game with Brady and Andrew… So at 9:45, I went to bed. The picture below is what it looked like when I decided I was too tired to stay up any longer. haha!
I'd say we need to do it again, which we do, but I don't think it's happening until after the next baby… which will be an entirely new adventure!! :)

Mom's Night

For our Personal Progress activity in June, we had a Mommy-daughter night.
Our goal was Divine Nature #2. You ask your mom or a mother you admire about what it takes to be a mother and you watch 2 videos of conference talks on women/motherhood.
So we watched the videos together and then did our nails. 

While we painted nails, we discussed what it takes to be a mom. The list was extensive, but accurate. :)

Here are a few shots with the girls and their moms.

I got to be these two girls' mom for the night. 

And since Kiki's mom was occupied with the younger sister, Kara stepped in for her.

Here's our list of attributes.
It was a fun evening and we all enjoyed chatting, painting nails, and talking about our wonderful moms!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

"Alone No Longer"

In January of 2015, C will be Alone No Longer!!

Yup! This mama's Pregnant!!
We found out May 13th which was about 5 weeks.
This is me at 7 weeks! 

J's brother is on a mission in Florida, so we sent him a letter that C decorated. 

We hoped that Tyler would reply in the family-wide email that he was excited, but he didn't. So we had to improvise. They're all so very excited. My family will be getting grand baby number 13 and J's family will get grand baby number 3. :)

When my mom was here, I had an OB appointment scheduled, but when we got there, we found out that it would cost me as much as it did for having C… We were out of network with C and apparently we were out of network with this one as well. So I didn't get my appointment, because paying $4000+ AGAIN didn't sound very appealing. Turns out, though, that I could just go to St Alphonsus (another hospital in the valley) and they would accept my special insurance… whatever. I was just happy I didn't end up getting stuck.

We are so excited to have this little baby!!!
At about 7 weeks, I didn't feel TERRIBLY crummy… if I ever did feel crummy, I would eat something and feel better. I wasn't sure if that meant it was a "different" pregnancy (meaning a girl) or if I just knew what to do with my morning sickness. I know I instantly felt pregnant with all of the sore spots and heightened smells!

So! More blogs to come!