Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 24: Singing, Hiking, Baptizing, Babysitting, Hugging, and Spelling

Week 24 On September 21!
Tums is a constant companion for late nights-especially with sugary snacks. Dang.
When my body is just tired and needs to get to bed, I get Restless Legs. My mom has RLS, so I'm a little terrified by this…When I just get to bed, it goes away, but it still scares me a bit.
The little munchkin's kicks are harder and more persistent. I'm waiting to feel hiccups. I feel like I felt them a TON with C, but apparently it must have been later in the pregnancy.

J kept taking pictures, so I struck a ridiculous pose. This makes up for the upcoming photo of J...

First, a cute side shot of C in his sunday clothes.


Our Stake Conference is coming up in a few weeks, so we have been going to Stake Choir practice. The first week we went, J's parents were able to stay and babysit C while we went. This week, we went to a birthday party and took him with us, then left early. He is a sweet, nosy boy. He spent some time by the pianist and also some time standing in front of the chorister and just staring. I have high hopes for his musical abilities!

Apparently I have a lot of pictures where I'm being covered in stuffed animals. 
But it portrays what C is doing in this point of his life. He LOVES showing everyone his favorite friends. 
We have 2 Eeyores. One is the kind that matches the rest of the characters and the other is the old fashioned kind.
He brings one to you saying "Eeyore!" and then brings the other saying "Maawio!" which sounds like Mario, but really, it means "more Eeyore." hahaha Funny kid.

Tuesday night, the Elders Quorum put on a hike to Jump Creek.
I'd heard about it but had never gone.
There were two families, a few 11 year old scouts, another dad, and another guy and his friend. Small crowd. But it was fun!

When I moved to Idaho, I had decided it wasn't pretty. No trees! No grass! 

But it has its beauty. :)

The hike is about 20-30 minutes one way.
You cross a creek over rocks (NOT my forte. I'm scared of falling off. Silly, but true.)
And then just walk a pathway (steering clear of poison ivy. What does western poison ivy look like after all? We just didn't touch plants…)
Then you get to a small pond with a tall waterfall!

A few of the guys climbed to the top. Can you see Bro Palmer? just to the right of the rock at the top. So there's your proportion comparison!

The smaller kids and the two moms stayed at the bottom. C threw rock after rock into the water. He LOVED it! The hike was just the right amount of freedom, the water made him feel awesome, and he was just thrilled.

J didn't climb up to the top of the fall, but he tried to get to a cave above this rock he's by here.

Our little family

Wednesday morning, I had to wake up C to get to the WIC clinic early enough to get a walk-in appointment. 
This was how he was sleeping. :)

We waited for under 10 minutes before we were approved and in the office filling out paperwork, getting instruction, and taking measurements. 
C did NOT like the measurements. We may as well have told him he'd never eat again with how he reacted to being weighed, measured for height, and then poked in the finger to test iron. Oh, that must have been the icing on the cake! Poor kid!

But he enjoyed before!
These pictures are from those glass blocks that they use to obscure windows like in a bathroom.

that night, the youth went to the temple to do Baptisms for the Dead.
We believe that in order to receive all the promised blessings the Lord has, we must be baptized. If one dies without receiving this saving ordinance, we do the work in the temple (with permission) by proxy of them. To learn more, go to

Here's my beautiful youth group. I was so proud of them.
The temple is a wonderful, spiritual, amazing well of beauty and peace. 
I felt so many wonderful, happy things that night!

Thursday morning, I was asked to watch Jack while his mom had an errand which would have been horrible with a 2 1/2 year old. While Jack was over, Becky asked if Hyrum could come play. I said the more the merrier and invited them all over!
So I got to watch 3 2 year olds play for a few hours. It was hilarious. I loved it all! The only scary point was when I left them to go to the bathroom. haha

My goober boy

 The 3 boys playing rather nicely. I just sat there and helped sort out anything that went amiss. Which hardly anything did.

They all enjoyed the bucket for a while.

Then they went to jump on C's bed. So funny.

After jumping, I made them lunch. That was the best part.
I had 3 boys eating PB&H sandwiches, grapes, and veggie straws on matching plastic plates.
One would say "haha! 2!" And the others would say "haha! 2!" as if sharing some inside joke I didn't know about…
Then one would make a yummy sound and the others would make a yummy sound.
One would make a raspberry sound and they would all chime in with their own raspberry. 
I loved it all. So awesome.

After lunch, they brought C's books into his room and read them on the choo choo bed.

After nap time, C was quite tired still, so we snuggled a bit.

A wonderful family moved out of our ward. 
They will really be missed. This is me with Emily and her boy who was born a month before C.

Getting C ready for bed that night, I hugged him and he wanted me to squeeze him tighter and tighter. I would squeeze the giggles out of him. Then he'd ask for more. I loved it so much.

Friday, he took a ton of selfies. It was cute.

Friday night was dinner from the "Panda store!!" He LOVED going in and finding all of the pandas. 
Saturday, we bought C some winter clothes. We realized he had a total of 2 pairs of pants. No long sleeved shirts. So we went shopping! He got a ton of cute things.

That night, we had pancakes and bacon. J used my fancy pancake batter pourer (what on EARTH is that thing called? haha) and made C his favorite letters. He requested E, S, and T. :)

Week 23: simple shenanigans, swimming, smooshing, shmoozing, smiling, and sweating!

Here's week 23! This is September 14 (Happy birthday, Dad!)
I loved this outfit, but it was a bit too small. :) The tank is adorable, but will be better with a smaller tummy. The skirt is one of my favorites, but in order to wear skirts from pre-pregnancy, I have to use a be-band, so it takes adjustment every time you stand up. It was a hassle. But it was dang cute!!

This week, I experienced Braxton Hicks for the first time this pregnancy. I think last time, I had it a lot more than I realized. This one was crazy where the tension didn't hurt, but the fact that movement was so prohibited did hurt. 
Running is an issue this week. I MUST eat before I do anything most days so that made my start time later, and then I would get running and have to book it to a bathroom, because things are on fire within, right at one mile... and then if I keep going, it was windy, so I'd cramp from struggling with the wind… 
It was really tough! I didn't like it. AND I had a 10k that next saturday! 
I don't think I've mentioned this by the way, I HAVE felt him kick. First time was really early. Like week 16? By week 23, I'm feeling him all the time!

After Mommy had her picture taken, C wanted his as well. So cute.

He's going to kill me for this…
After C had his taken, he demanded that Daddy get his taken.
My hubby is sexy ;)
 Chillin in baby brother's basket while mommy gets ready

this video was so cute! He was just playing around and did this. When I pulled out my phone, he thankfully did it again. So adorable. I love the pure happiness and entertainment. Pure and Simple.

C likes our shoes. He really really likes my heels. First jewelry, now heels. This boy… :)

Over the past few nights, C would wake up at 2 and just want us to stay there. We figured he must be a little scared of the dark. We got him a turquoise version of this night light. It instantly helped. Are we totally transitioned? No (that's an answer from week 25… the journey is long…)

Sometimes after naps, he just asks to go outside. On this day, he sat in the sand boxes for the whole time. I love it.

That day, (monday) we went to J's parents' place to swim in their neighborhood pool again. It was a little chilly, but it was a good last hurrah.
C likes to snuggle when he's cold and wet apparently. So sweet.

Reading to Pooh and his friends.

And then smooshing your face behind a door… whatever works...

First time really getting and wanting to play peek a boo while also saying "Boo"

This is an apple! Can you see it? :) Best drawing yet!

Reaching out to hold Gigi's hand. :)

This is the face he makes when he's mooching… He wanted my graham cracker cereal. Darn adorable mooch!

I thought this one was funny. Becky posted about 100 pictures to FB and wanted to tag me to the album, so it notified me for EVERY SINGLE PICTURE. hahahaha It was funny. A little annoying, yes, but funny. :)

Chase is pretty much this boy's favorite pastime. And it's great for us, because it wears him out before sleeping!

So I'm the Personal Progress leader, right?
Guess what??
I've finished reading the Book of Mormon all the way through! That means that I only had one more experience left and I'd be done!!! Hoorah!! (By the way, Moroni Chapter 10 is amazing. Not just the promise, but the whole chapter.)

On Friday, we took Tami and Gigi to an expo with us. It's where I would pick up my packet for my 10K the next day and then there are tons of vendors there trying to sell stuff, give stuff away, get your business, etc. We enjoyed it! The kids did sometimes, but it was cool!

Eating bananas

Waiting outside for Daddy after work.
I LOVE this picture. A REAL smile and it looks so sweet and cute! Bah! 
Can't stand it!! ("Caaaan't"said like on Singin in the Rain)

Admiring my two boys. ;)
C was trying to get Lolo's attention. he could hear him playing in the back yard and wanted to say hi. 
 In this picture, he's contemplating crawling under the fence.

Saturday Morning was our 10K! I went with J's sister, Kristin. Neither of us expected great results, since our running had gone south since the color run. But we were there, we wanted that medal at the end, and we were willing to sacrifice our "good time" to get there! The most either of us had done was a 5K and we didn't run the entire thing. We like run/walking. 
(I've decided there's NO shame in that and I'm running laps around those on the couch!)

So here we are bright and early at 8 (I got up at 6:20 to get eating and get the fire within taken care of and then it takes 30 minutes to get there and then riding the bus took another 15). 
(I also went to bed at 12:30. yeah. Good choices, people… :) )
 The run was tough. It was longer than we've ever done, so it was all new. I LOVED the path, though. We saw some pretty sights as the sun rose over the trees. We ran through neighborhoods, the greenbelt, by the Boise River, and then joined up with the 5K in the streets of downtown.

We had a pace of about 15 minutes per mile. My best is 11, but my norm is 15. So the fact that we had the normal pace when we were expecting much worse is awesome!

About halfway through, we discovered that the balls of our feet felt like pins and needles. Anyone know why that is? Just the newness of it? Bad shoes?

But we did it!! We got to the end, ran the final little stretch, the guy read our names as we crossed the finish line, and we got medals!!
I'm so proud of myself!! 23 weeks and ran a 10k!!

When we sat down for our second breakfast, J texted and asked what we were doing next and we sent this picture saying we were going to stuff our faces. Kristin's stuffing face is much better than mine… hahahahaha
The rest of the day, J went on a motorcycle ride with Brady and Amanda while I slept. Oh, it was a LOVELY nap.

Then J's dad and Kristin came over and we made fried green tomatoes and did BLT's with them. 
So. Very. Good!!! 
Another Our Best Bites recipe

And this was C that afternoon reading a book on the couch. I love it so much. I love that I've created a bookworm!!