Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An update on parenthood

I'm pretty much obsessed with this kid we now have in our house!!
He's stinkin adorable.
And hilarious.
He is the center of my days and nights.
I love his facial expressions awake or asleep.
What a cutie!!

Here, he had his arms behind him, so we thought it looked like his body was being sucked upwards and his arms were following behind. It was funny.
See? here is a picture of his arms behind him.

Here, his arms weren't resting on anything while he slept. Funny kid.

I think this picture portrays how I believe he has an old spirit. I think he might end up being really mature or something. He just seems experienced. Maybe he was a colonel in the war in heaven...

Again, heart melting material right here.

My gangsta baby!

This September, there was a 5K women's walk. My mother in law likes to take her daughters with her, so this year we went again.
We took C with us and showed up 5 minutes late.
Everyone was gone! They were taking down signs when we strolled up to the start line.
So we just walked on and acted like we were there all along... it was hilarious.
Along the way, there are people who cheer you on and the first ones were when we were just getting started and they were two teenage guys. They were cheering for us and everything so we enjoyed ourselves as we were cheered so wonderfully even though we were obviously 5 minutes behind everyone else...

So here's a picture of when we caught up to the crowd. It's HUGE! It's the biggest all women 5K in the nation. How cool is that?

We eventually caught up and passed several hundred women. Pretty cool. No idea when we finished the race, but we are awesome, pretty much. :)
Here are us girls with my studly babe.

I'm not sure he was thrilled with the amount of blanket on him here...

I asked J to hang up C's towel and this is what I saw the next day. It made me giggle to think of Cookie Monster swinging from our shower rod. 

My cutie at his 1 month appointment. 75% for head, 20% for weight weighing 9 lb 3 oz, and 50% for length

More gooey heart for this mommy

SMILES!!! I love this kid's smiles! We'll get a better picture eventually. 


After eating, he is very floppy. If he's not asleep from the sleep-creating drugs in my milk, he is sitting there looking at me like he's drunk and usually on his hand like this. Makes me smile.

C likes to look at things in his carseat. He loves his elephants and the new addition of a bright toy is pretty exciting.

My parents will be coming up for C's blessing in 2 WEEKS!! Woohoo!!
They were going to come up the 30th, but my dad couldn't leave work. Having my dad there for the blessing is really important to us, so we postponed the blessing by about 4 weeks.
When we were in Utah, my Grandma gave us an outfit for C to wear. 
My mom made a blessing gown for all of her grandchildren to wear. All of them have been blessed in it. It's made from my great grandma's lace and is just beautiful. Yes, it's a gown, and yes, I will bless my boy in it. He'll look just so sweet in it.

So the outfit my Grandma gave us was for him to wear after the blessing since he can't wear the gown for very long so that it won't get hurt, basically.
Here he is in his cute outfit from Great Grandma Tobler

Uncle Ty is so sweet with C. He is very patient and got C to fall asleep even through crying! Go TyTy!

I will admit that I LOVE when C falls asleep on my chest. LOVE.

Here's another smile!!

My sweet baby with a smooshed face after eating yummy milk!

When napping in the daytime, I don't wrap him up much because sleeping for 4+ hours isn't as important. He's usually asleep like this with his arms by his head.

No kid named Clark can go through life without a Superman something.
So here he is with a Superman onesie.

And no child of J can not love soccer. Thus:

And call me what you want, but this picture is so cute! I can't get over how cute he is when he cries! It won't be cute for very long, so I'm enjoying it. :)

This is what he does while I shower. If he's not asleep, he's staring at the shower, the lights, or the sides of his basket.
And I think that's the last time he will wear the Dad's Team shirt. *sniff*

I loved putting him in this long-sleeved onesie the other day. His hands were so cute with the sleeves pulled past his wrists...

See? cute.

J's coworker had a C-section yesterday and so I whipped this baby up in 2 days. That's right, 2 days. I know, I'm awesome.

More adorable C.

Sleeping on his side.

There are much more interesting things up there

And here we're arching our back to see the General Authorities talk in General Conference. What a good kid

He loves his pacifier. But when he falls asleep, it's hard to keep it in his mouth.

Go away paparazzi!!

C has great eye contact. here, though, he's interested in what the bright blue thing is.

So cute! Ready for bed!

And now, at the end of this ridiculously long post, I just have to say, I'm in love with this boy and am so excited for him to keep growing and thrilling us!
Currently, he is snoring REALLY loudly on my chest while I type this. hahahaha