Tuesday, May 19, 2015

March 2015

I'd better catch up, because I'm not remembering what really happened!
So, here's March according to my memories from the pictures!

We got a potty and some underwear from Grandma so we could get used to the idea of potty training. 
I'm thinking of doing training in the summer...

When we would go on walks, C would pick up a stick and say he was Moses.
I love it. 
Thank you, Prince of Egypt!!
I think this is from the same walk. Andyman fell asleep in my baby bjorn holding his pacifier
This was his 2 month appointment. 
13 lb 4 oz (75%)
23 1/8 in long (70%)

16 in head (90%)
I have written down that he loves his big brother, watches his mommy until he can't see her anymore, smiles, coos, and is already in 3-6 month clothing. He sleeps well, eats great (obviously), and has stolen our hearts!

When A went to the Dr, C got a sticker. I love this boy. He chooses princess stickers. And I'm totally ok with it.

A play group when the weather was lovely got us at the park. 
I love going to this park. I don't really have to worry about C falling off, because the railings are all tall and go down to the floor. 

He loves climbing. He fears falling, so he has to have someone there to catch him, but he's a great climber.

Talking to Mommy while we were at the park

C figured out that Owl fit inside his shoes.
He then wore his socks and shoes everywhere.

Word, G-Money!

My little boy is a cute photographer

Sometimes, this melts my heart.
 Sometimes, it makes me very unsympathetic...
Not sure which this is, but he covers his mouth when he's extra upset. Looking at it now, I think it's cute.

For some reason that I can't remember, J was away from home when I was going to bed. Maybe he was up studying? Not sure. But I was heading to bed and I got this darling grin from my Andyman. It was hard to turn off the light and not talk to him!!

We love second-hand stuff. We don't have many new things in our house...
The entertainment center was used, the couches, the end tables, the coffee table, the toy box, most of the pictures....
It's pretty neat. One day, I'll spend a ton of money and buy stuff that is entirely us... It'll be epic... lol Sorry, J!

Anyway, we got these metal art pieces from J's parents after they moved and we got them hung up. C helped daddy hammer the nails in. 

Pretty, huh? It goes so well with my red kitchen!

Can you see my boys wayyyy out there? They're watching the train go by. My boys are cute.

I finally got good at bathing both of my boys at the same time. The first time was traumatic for me. Now, I can do it without incident. ;)

March 13th is the day J and I had our first kiss. My sweet boy brought a rose home for me on our 6 year kissversary.

I got a DQ ice cream cone for free on their free cone day. This was the day C had his first brain freeze. It was hilarious!!

C is a sweet boy. He wrapped his baby up. One day, he had me wrap up all of his Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse characters. It was cute.

When I was taking Andyman to the dr, I was late. I'd been told that I could only miss 3 appointments before I'd be cut off from the clinic. I was freaking out. I know also, that if I am late, I'm there for eternity. 
So I picked up C and carried him and Andyman in the carseat....
Needless to say, I tripped.
I tripped going up the stairs and landed at the landing halfway up. Andyman was in the carseat, so he was fine, but crying from the rattling. C landed head first onto the floor. I smacked my upper shins on the metal plates on the edges of the stairs. My knees hurt, but I was extremely embarrassed. I felt horrible. I felt like I deserved the "Worst Mom Ever" medal.
It hurt to kneel after that for a few days/weeks.
So there you go, extremely embarrassing story from me...

I got a free movie ticket to Regal with my card, so I had to use it before a certain time. 
I decided on a time and then invited my friends to Cinderella! It was awesome!
Kalicia, Maysa, Tawny, Kristen, Me, and my Mother in Law came. 
I LOVED the movie.

March 18th, my sister had her beautiful baby!!!
Oh man, I was instantly in love. She is so very much a Tobler baby. She's just a doll. A squeaky, tiny doll (Now, in May, she is 90th percentile for weight...not as tiny!!)

I love how these boys play.

I love that he put his underwear on his head without someone showing him to do it.

Isn't this pretty? I love tulip trees!

J's cousin, Austin, got married. It was a beautiful ceremony with bad acoustics, tasty food, sweet stories, and a beautiful couple. I love weddings. So much love. I like how contagious the love is. Makes me remember falling for my man.

This is C in the mother's lounge at my church. hilarious

I can't say enough how much I love my boys.


I have a love/fear of post bath time snuggles.
I love the warm snuggles, but I'm terrified of getting peed and pooped on... lol

The grins just got better and better!!

He's a cute, skinny little guy.

C took this. So flattering, yes? lol

I could eat these legs!!!!!

I got called as Primary Chorister.
This is C wearing the hats I got from the previous chorister.
I was the Personal Progress Coordinator in Young Women's before being called to Primary.
When I was called to Young Women, I was quite terrified. What could someone as fresh from YW have to offer??
The Lord knows what he's doing, though, so I loved it, of course. It was wonderful. I loved the girls, I loved the program, I loved everything about it!

Then I was told the Bishop wanted to see me and my family.
Dang. I knew that meant I was going to be released. I cried just being told about the appointment with the Bishop. lol

I knew that my calling would be music related. I had a gut feeling.

I was instantly terrified of doing Primary Music. It's a daunting task that has to happen every single week!

I knew I'd get it eventually, but I was still scared.
When they did the release and new calling at church, I could feel the shock and sadness from each of my sweet Young Women. I stood there, holding Andyman, and cried. The torture continued, because when he released me, he took his time by commenting on my service in YW and that I'd miss it. All while I stood there bawling... lol
The YW president put it perfectly. I felt like I was getting an arm cut off. Those girls were like my own sisters. (I'm too young to be their mom, so I am going with sisters... lol)

It was hard to say goodbye, but I know that the callings we receive in the LDS church come from the Lord. They are there to make us learn and grow and I was done learning and growing in Young Women's. It was time for me to learn and grow elsewhere!

So I'm in Primary teaching music now! Eeek! I took over for a week in April and then left town for two weeks, then came back and jumped in feet first to two different performances! More on that later, I think!

So there's March in a nutshell! lol Thanks for reading, my friends!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Andy's Blessing

On March 8, we had Andy's baby blessing in our church!
It was a beautiful weekend!

Auntie Kristin got to come meet Andy!

We played at Gma and Gpa's place a few times throughout the weekend.

My brother, Sam, came from Rexburg!
We all went to a pizza joint Saturday night

C loved hanging out with Sam. It was darling.

Andy started really smiling. It was darling.

Sunday, we had quite a big group show up!
It was wonderful! We really felt loved by so many!
My hubby's uncle and his family came, Kristin came, Sam came, Brady and Amanda came, and my old FHE sister, Camille and her family came from Utah!
It was way cool!

My sweet family!

With Gma and Gpa

With Sam

After the blessing, we came back to our house and ate cookies and rice krispy treats and visited.

Grandma reading with the boys. 

Me, Camille, Dot, and Andy

C insisted she get on a certain stair and lay down... lol

I had a mini photo shoot with my baby during nap time. It was fun. He's such a doll.

My mom made the blessing gown and slip that all of my nieces and nephews have worn for their blessing. The lace is from my Great Grandma Grace's lace. And the slip has every grand baby's name embroidered on it.

I'm excited to see the strong, faithful young man that this baby will turn into. He's already such a blessing in our lives and I love him so much!!