Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Forth

J gets some of the best pictures of me. I like this one.

He loves his train from Disney World

I love playing with him. Even when he pulls my hair.

This boy is loving his food! He doesn't really enjoy the puffs yet, but he likes his cereals and LOVES saltines! So fun!

Funny little sideways grin

Apparently he wanted to watch TV.

Soooo cute!!!!

C had a weird pimple-like thing on his lip. When I called the Dr, they wanted to see him. So we went in. And sat. and sat. and sat. and sat. We were there from 2:45-4:10. And we only saw the Dr for about 5 minutes. And all he said was that we'd get a cream to make sure it doesn't come back as something yuckier.

But here's a cute picture of my happy boy with the paper!!
He weighed 16 lb 9 oz so he's gained almost a pound from solid foods! woohoo!

Gma and Gpa have a small playground in their neighborhood, so we walked over, went down the slide a couple of times, climbed the rock wall, and went back to find his sock that we apparently lost at the very beginning. 

Last week, we had a couple days with 60+ degree weather. it was lovely. so my little man and I took advantage of it. While I worked on Personal Progress, he played with his toys and squinted the whole time. Poor boy!

heehee you have to try it when you can... :)

Gma T sent some cute clothes and when I put a pic on facebook of just the clothes, my cousin put me in timeout until I got a pic of him IN the clothes. I did it as soon as they were washed. :)

Wearing his bathrobe for the first time.

Cute boy! hopefully improving weather!
Happy March so far!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lately...in Video format (The first attempt)

Here are the two videos of the like a zillion I wanted to post. They're still great ones, so I figured I'd put the post up anyway!

This is C laughing hysterically at me. :)

And here he is talking. I love the noise he makes when he breathes in here. So funny

Lately...in Video Format (Finally!)

I followed my friend, Jana's, advice and got a youtube account for my videos. I have been successfully converted. So far, my baby laughing video is the only one really watched and I kind of expected that. Who knows? Maybe I'll be on Ellen for a video of my son? ha

Here's C enjoying his food. He's really liking it and I love how he jumps up all excited before each bite.

Here, I'm kissing his arms and he thought it was hilarious. And so did I, apparently...

This one cracks me up. He leaned forward once, so J imitated him and then C did it again and again... so cute!

First foods! Not a big fan of bananas!

Giggling again

Reaching for himself in the mirror

I tried to creep in on him when he was just sitting there cooing and talking away. but he caught me

I know. I took out his pacifier, but it was soooo worth it to hear him complain for another minute!!

There you go! Lots of love!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

See Mommy Run

A little background first.
I am the Personal Progress Coordinator in my ward. The girls 12-18 in the ward have a program where they set goals and work at learning about womanhood and how to be a strong woman and mother in the gospel. 
It's a brilliant, beautiful program. 
As the coordinator, I am in charge of motivating the girls and helping them by giving them opportunities to achieve the projects.

Leaders can do it as well. After reading through it, I have decided on a couple projects I am going to do.
I am now running every day in order to run as much as I can of a 5K in May.
My friend, Cassandra and I are running every morning at 8:30 around the neighborhood. We still have  a ways to go, but I'm proud of myself so far!

Here's C and I before a run.

The jiggling of the stroller is very soothing for him. He's asleep under the hat...

I'm going to need a new stroller. My stroller is really taking a beating from running.
Any favorite running strollers out there?

Sweet boy asleep again

We bundle up a LOT for our runs. C can't wear fleece pajamas during the night because he sleeps too hot. So he wears his fleece pj's during our runs.
 He also wears a fleece jacket, a hat, mittens, and two blankets.

I put the quilt up high so he can be blocked from the cold air while we're moving.

The back of the blanket has connect-the-dots. Here, he's going cross-eyed looking at them. 

He's a good running buddy.

February 2013

Most of these pictures are out of order, but I figure I can put them basically in order and we can deal with the rest. :)

Here are C and I cleaning the church

C rooted for the 49ers. Cute boy.

Monkeying around

I got Winnie the Pooh for Christmas and finally watched it in February. I LOVED it!! It was cute, clever, and lots of fun!
I have decided C is allowed to be obsessed with Winnie the Pooh. :)
Here he is watching an episode of the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh on my phone.

C and Daddy reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Valentine's day was wonderful. My sweetheart got me cute flowers, a red scentsy warmer for my kitchen, a mini-martinelli's, and personalized M&M's! They had hearts on them, I love you, and Forever Mine.
I love that man. He is so wonderful to me! I am very lucky.
The weekend of Valentine's Day, we had a special romantic dinner with a group of friends. We dressed up all formal, ate a yummy meal, and played games.

Here's my short-haired version of a french twist. I had a couple braids in there and it was very secure. :)

We had J's sister, Kristin's birthday festivities as well.
Saturday, we played whiffle ball. C sat in his basket with toys while we played.

Ty smacking a ball.

Kristin has always wanted to just eat velata chocolate by itself, so she did. :)

Gma got to bathe C

 She turned 21, so we had virgin drinks. 
Here, she's taking a jello shot.

Here's her flaming birthday cake 
 So we played whiffle ball, went to Chuck a Rama, ate jello shots and bloody marys (NASTIEST THING IN THE WORLD!), and everyone but me watched a scary movie. I don't do scary movies. They're too much for me.

Now, I have a bunch of pictures of my cute boy. :)


 chillin with mama

First time he sat in a shopping cart

After watching Winnie the Pooh at gma and gpa's place, I watched it the next day with C. He liked it for a while. Cute boy.

And we watched Curious George as well.

Watching me crochet

When I was little, I had a moses basket as well. I would lay on my tummy and bop my head up and down. My brother called me (still does) Bob because of it. So I put my little one in his moses basket and sent my brother the picture. My mini-Bob

Watching Daddy shoot targets

 Admiring himself in the mirror

Sunday best

 Helping mommy with laundry

On the 20th, we had a dr appointment and C was doing well!
16 lbs (22%), 26.5 inches long (45%), and 17 3/8 head (75%)
Cute boy with a big head heehee

C's bed-head. hahaha When he gets sweaty, his hair curls. So adorable.

 Now that it's March, we are prepping up for a good one! I'm planning on blogging a little more frequently now that it's a little more organized. :)

Hope your February was good. I'm enjoying being a mama. I am so very in love with him. It's a struggle, but it's wonderful as well.