Friday, April 5, 2013


This weekend was a great one with some hiccups that were a little big and tried really really hard to overshadow the greatness of the weekend.

Those hiccups did a fabulous job, I might add.
So in order to see a better perspective, I am going to show you what happened!

Me and my little family (that's so fun to say!) went to get some things with our tax return money! We wanted to get a running stroller, a grill, a microwave, and a weed whacker. 
We got 50% of it!

We got the grill and weed whacker. When we get propane, I will post a picture of our very pretty grill when we make hamburgers or steaks or bbq chicken. mmm....
And the weed whacker will be set up and used next week, I think. Hooray!

The strollers at the secondhand store were sold very quickly. I've asked some craigslist people if theirs are still available and of course I haven't gotten a response but it's still listed online. Rude!

The microwave was a big misunderstanding. So when we looked at others, J and I had completely opposite opinions. So we decided to come back again.

We also went to Arby's. C was adorable in his high chair eating his cheerios and green beans.

Earlier that day, I fixed up my friend Paige's hair for her wedding. We had practiced twice and then I went to her house at 6am and fixed it for her. It took 2 hours. I came home, fed C and went to bed. 
That afternoon/evening time, I went back and fixed it since she'd gone about 12 hours with it and no curls last that long.
Here are the two of us-a little blurry- at her reception.

My masterpiece. I loved how much attention I got when they found out I did the hair. I was famous!
We then stayed at J's family's place for the evening and hung out for a while.

Last Thursday, C was starting to get sick. J was sick first and then C caught it and capitalized it! yay...

So Easter, he wasn't doing so hot. I left after sacrament meeting with C.
But he sure looked stinkin adorable!!!
Here, he's sporting the tie Gma C bought for him. His cousin has a matching non-bow-tie.

We all matched in some way for Easter.

J saw this cool way to tie a tie online, so he figured it out and it looked REALLY cool!
If you want to see a tutorial, go here.

Choir in our ward is at 4:15. We have church at 9. But on Easter, we don't have choir practice! woohoo! So we went to J's family's place right after church.

So I took some pictures of my adorable little man!

Thankfully, Aunt K wasn't home because C pulled Toby's fur and skin...hehehe he deserved it...

Such a big boy!

We then got comfy and put him in his "my first easter" onesie. So dang cute.

See?? So cute!! A cotton tail! -hence no pants-

Gma C's family tradition she brought to the family is rolling hard boiled eggs down a hill and watching them break and the yolk explode.
So we take an hour or two to decorate beautiful eggs and then proceed to roll them down a hill...
I know. weird. but fun. Don't knock it 'til you try it!

Here's my Winnie the Pooh egg for C

Storm Trooper egg

J made C's favorite toy-a jingling bird- for one of his eggs.

C loved his birdie egg.

The loot after searching after dark...kinda fun but a lot harder with flashlights! 
It was dark when we searched because J and I got a flat tire. Not just a small hole and it leaked to flatness, but two giant holes, wheel bent kind of flat...and then the donut was flat because it hadn't ever been used. (the car is 12 years old...)
So we replaced the tire with the donut, drove 10 feet and pulled over again.
J stayed with it to wait for a tow and J's dad picked C, me and Aunt K up. Then J's mom picked J up later. Word to the wise, don't ruin wheels. They have to be ordered and take 4+ days and they cost your right arm and 1st born child. (Poor C)

So I had a fabulous weekend, right?
On Monday, if you'd asked me how I was doing, I would've burst into tears. Just ask my poor sister. She called at the wrong time and got it allllll... :)
C had a terrible monday and tuesday so I cried a lot those two days. But Wednesday, he was a lot nicer to me. slept, ate, smiled even!!
He's still sick, but at least I'm not ready to head for the hills!
(He doesn't want to nap right now...I'm sorry, but 30 minutes is not enough, little man!!)

Here's to a better weekend listening to the word of the Lord through his prophets!!