Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Happy Birthday, Siz!!
Today's my sister's birthday!
My sister is wonderful.

She's 10 years older than me and the step right above me in siblings.

When she was 9, she told my parents that she wanted a younger sister. She was tired of playing with her older brothers and wanted a girl to play with. My mom thought she was done with kids, but encouraged Liz to pray for a younger sister. So she did. She fasted and prayed and that year at Christmas, my parents told them they were expecting a baby. My sister was the first to find out that I was a girl.

She has been like another mom to me all my life. Sometimes that was good and sometimes that wasn't so good. :)

We've had our silly fights about looking at the other, we've had our not so silly fights about much more serious things. We've cried together-and if anyone cries too much, it's her! :)

My sister played with my hair, watched chick flicks with me, took me shopping for school clothes, took me shopping for wedding things, drove me to Rexburg for school and helped me move in, teaches me about being married, teaches me new crafts-everything I do she did first except maybe crocheting. I taught her that- and lots of other things!

She is also one of my very best friends. She's right up there with mom and J. I know I can call her and cry whenever I need to and it's wonderful because she knows she can call and cry whenever she needs to as well.

We still share secrets, complain about things, give each other pointers, and work through our problems together.

It's been cool as I've gotten older because now she listens to my opinions and advice.

I'm excited for our future. I may be staying in Idaho a bit longer than I'd planned before, but Liz and I have grown so much over this time with my going to college, that I'm really excited for how close we will get as the events unfold. I'm excited for when I can call her and get advice for how to deal with situations with a house. I'm excited for when I have kids who can play with her kids. I'm excited for when we can live close again and have play dates, go to target, shop at the mall, buy snow cones, and play again!

I love going home, because she drops everything to be with me. She's always there and always wanting to go buy something to make, or go eat at some yummy restaurant, or go swimming.

Something I LOVE about going home for Christmas is something that's been going on for years. Liz and I wrap every present. Mom gives us bags with labels on them and boxes with labels and we wrap presents. So yes, I see just about everyone's presents, and no, I don't peek at mine. But the point is, Liz and I do it together. She's the MASTER wrapper. I'm just an apprentice...still....but she and I put on a movie or some christmas music and just sit and wrap presents. I love it!

Liz has the cutest little girls. They love their aunt Gracie and one especially loves her uncle J. I hope that one day, Liz and I can be pregnant at the same time so we can have cousins who will just LOVE each other. So fun!

Here's my sister on a previous birthday with an elephant in a fairy costume. :)
Here's my sister with her husband this year in Hawaii
Us girls have so much fun together!!
Yummy food!
At my wedding. She was so wonderful in helping with my wedding. I'm the young, naive girl who didn't realize how much help I needed and she was there every step of the way, helping.
She knows how to have a good time and be adventurous.
She's so cute.
She's silly. It's no wonder we get along!
Like I said, she has adorable girls. she's a wonderful mommy
I love that we can tease and be silly together.
I love my sister. She's the best. I miss her, but know that she is always there for me even though she's not quite in the same room. I love this wonderful woman!
Happy birthday, Siz!


Liz said...

oh i just love you!

and i do NOT cry more than you! :)

Jason said...

Happy birthday again liz. And that girl of yours loves her uncle J unless he mentions bed time. :) Hope your day is so great!!

Grandma Jan said...

You guys are making me cry. I miss you all so much. Happy birthday, Liz. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful person.

J said...

Grace, I didn't know Liz prayed you here, my sister prayed me here too! Happy Birthday Liz!
Hope you're doing well,