Friday, March 3, 2017

April 2016

The first week in Primary, I played singing measles. I'm in a group on Facebook where they share awesome ideas and 90% of my ideas come from there! This is one such idea! If they sing well, they get a sticker from their teacher and put it on me in between times singing. It's fun. And exfoliating! lol

Morning snuggles with Gma before General Conference

I'm an avid note-taker for Conference. However, Saturday afternoon is hard for me. I get so sleepy! So I take notes, but I also color. I've gotten some awesome coloring books!!

Shopping during Priesthood session

We've loved getting closer to the Keslers this year! Their kids are sweethearts and we like the parents a lot!

He's so cute! 
15 months
21 lb 14 oz (36%)
30 1/2 in long (25%)
19 1/2 in head (98%)
My notes on this picture:
 He's happy all the time, but screams to let you know he disagrees with something
He walks more than he crawls
His favorite person is C, but Auntie K is probably a close second
He loves snuggles, food, milk, toys, playing with Mommy's hair stuff, the teeter totter with C, slides, and emptying the bookshelf
We all love this funny boy to the moon and back

Swimsuit shopping!

I love this path! I get to walk by water and watch ducks and peek in back yards for pretty ideas!

Wearing blue for Autism Awareness

We like this stump. I love my boys in their shades!

Running with a stroller is hard work!!!

Pants on his head. Born to be awesome.

On Daddy's old rocking horse

I got to drive a van to take H to school. I had car envy something fierce!

My little brother came to Boise for his spring break and we filled every day with something exciting for him.
We went rock climbing

Such a cutie!
On our way to a hike, the boys got tired and so we entertained with my camera!

On the hike.

They threw rocks over and over and over while J and Sam looked for a path to the top of the fall
Red Robin for lunch!

Love this!

I took my new neighbor friend, Mandy to that awesome pathway with the water and back yards and we got to take a walk and chat!

They watched a movie on the other TV while Becky and I watched what we wanted to!

ha their expressions crack me up

He woke up one day and wanted to be a pirate, so I dressed him up in stripes and a bandana with his Peter Pan knife

Playing in the pool outside!

I love crying faces. haha

An early Mother's Day gift! Aren't they gorgeous!!

C and I have a game where I steal his socks and put them on my ears. I suddenly have a Dobby-sounding voice and run away while he tries to take his socks back. I yell things like "Dobby must have his socks, sir!" and "Master must give Dobby  his socks!" It's awesome

I don't remember why I was out of my bed, but I came back to find this angel in my spot

Playing Bad Guys (Destiny) with Daddy. C has his helmet and gun ready!

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