Monday, March 6, 2017

July 2016

July was an exciting month!
We started off the month with an epic DND night where Brady got like 3 critical hits. 
If you roll a 20 on a 20 sided die, you double the damage you do to the bad guy. To get one is rare. To get 3 in one night is crazy.

I think C took these two. 
 Kristin received her endowment while Jo and fam were in town. It was a beautiful experience.

 I think they're watching Avatar and playing darts

I did K's and my nails for 4th of July.

4th of July festivities
 Starting with the bike parade and ward breakfast

I actually volunteered to sing the Star-Spangled Banner as a solo. I'm super proud of myself and I did great! I've been scared of solos since middle school, so it was a big step for me!

We like the fireworks in Star. They're big enough and free! yay!

 I love making fruit pizza for 4th of July. SOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!

We went to Coop's 1st birthday party and it was our last time hanging with Jo and fam before they went back. It was a great time!

At the store with Becky and her kids and there was a firetruck! It was cute how excited the boys were to get in!!

Our library is awesome.
In the summer, there's a company that brings free books and does a tiny story time. I got some amazing resources from the lady in charge for doing my own preschool lessons. It came with tons of supplies. Magnets, white boards, crayons,'s spectacular.

Post workout selfie! Go me!

Being goofy with friends
 Love this one of B

Nashville Tribute Band, Marie Osmond, David Archuletta, and Alex Boye came to Boise, so we went to the concert. I loved the gospel rock. My southern roots were eating it up! lol

Hanging out outside with the boys waiting for Daddy to come home

Free food for dressing up? Sold!

Free donuts when you buy some? Sold!
 We went with Julie and her cute kids

Someone earned his Jessie doll for being dry super long! He's awesome and has done amazingly!!

18 month checkup!
23 lb 12 oz (43%)
32 in tall (33%)
19 6/8 in head (98%)
 At this Dr appt, the Dr was concerned about a possible heart murmur.
So we went to a heart Dr and had it checked out.
He did so amazingly with everything. Didn't cry, smiled at everyone... it was amazing.

It showed that he has a small heart murmur, but nothing to worry about at all.

I love this picture because he was so cute wrapping his feet around the man working the ultrasound machine.

Love when kids have good friends!

 Hanging with Gpa

My sweet friend, Courtney, came to Boise and I got to see her and hang out for a few hours!

While Jo was in town, she went to downtown Boise and took a bunch of pictures to make an Urban Adventure Quest. It was awesome. Kristin and I were on a team with A. 

Heading to the library with friends!

We got to see Ice Age (5??) in a pre-showing. It was fun!

My beautiful flowers!

My "BCF" (Best Cousin Forever), Natalie stopped by on their way to Utah! It made my heart so happy! 
 It was our first time meeting each other's kids! 
They're such cuties!
 We went running in the morning, got McDonald's breakfast, and played at a park. It was a great time and I'm excited to play again!!

We had a big trip planned, so we bought some headphones for A and a splitter to watch movies!

Flying high!!
Great fliers!
 We went to Florida for a family vacation!!
We went with my parents, Sister and fam, and Sam.

The first day, we met up at Downtown Disney for dinner and shopping

This is where A's obsession with Mickey Mouse "Meemo" began

The next day, my little family went to Disney World and everyone else went to Universal Studios.
We figured that the boys would enjoy Disney more because they knew the characters and stories from Disney better. One day, we'll go to Universal.

On our way from the parking lot

My wonderful family!!

So magical!
It was soooo hot. Coming from dry Idaho to humid Florida was tough for the kids. We didn't expect it so much. 
But we did enjoy Disney World for a while before things got too tough!
C's favorite part was the carousel. ha!

A was such a big boy on his own horse!

He doesn't know the story. It was funny to watch him be so confused by the sword that wouldn't come out of the stone!

In line for Winnie the Pooh. They both loved this ride!

J doesn't like the teacups. So I got to take my boys on it. They LOVED it!!

We went on the Little Mermaid ride 2 times in a row. We used our fast passes, then got back in line and walked right onto another seat! score!!

All of us on the carousel!

It's a Small World!

It was A's favorite most definitely!
(sorry for the screen shots with the watermarks. I'm cheap...)
We got to meet Buzz Lightyear!
C had big plans to say the quote "gasp gasp how dare you open a space man's helmet on an uncharted planet! My eyeballs could've been sucked from their sockets!"
He practiced it the whole time we were in line. But he got up there and chickened out a bit. 
But then he shot Buzz with his laser and Buzz "died" for him. He thought it was AWESOME.

A thought it was pretty amazing

And C was star struck!

We had a lot of fun on the Buzz Lightyear ride. You spin your car around and shoot Z's for Zurg. A and I did pretty dang good considering he didn't play for a good portion of the ride!
Concentrating hard!

We got really tired and HOT after going on The Haunted Mansion, so we hung out in the babies' lounge by the Crystal Palace. It was a wonderful place when we went when C was a baby.
However, C left to go potty and threw up outside. 
J was sick on the plane the day before...Dang It!!!
He then threw up on this chair where we were hanging out to see if it would go away-heat or sick??
It was sick...
A very kind manager-ish man noticed C had puked on his shorts and brought us some new shorts for C. It was a blessing. We were very thankful for him.
We still wanted to hang out a little longer at the park, so we put C in the stroller and walked around some more. He fell asleep. 
So J and A went on Pirates of the Caribbean while I hung out outside and then we traded. Love that ride.

It was rainy for a good portion of the afternoon, so a bunch of rides shut down, but A had fun in the puddles!!

We have decided to make sure that when we remember this trip, we don't make C feel bad about it. I know someone who went on a vacation with family and they threw up in a family member's bag. They were teased about it for years. It's not something we want to do. We had a GREAT time at Disney for the morning and most of the afternoon. We got to kill Buzz Lightyear, ride all the classics, and eat yummy food! I'm thankful we went and can't wait to go again! (Maybe we'll stick to December, though, if we still live in Idaho....)

We went back to the hotel (we got a condo from J's parents. SUCH a blessing!!) we were sharing with Liz and her family.

A found this cupboard was empty and thought it was sooo cool to hide in there.

Once we got back and switched to the room not connected to everyone else, C watched a show on TV and felt better. He was laughing and talking and even jumped on the bed. Goob.

The next day, everyone but J and I went to the temple. So we got to watch the kids!
We played on the swingset...
played chess and checkers, and watched TV when it was too hot!

THEN, guess what we got to do?! 
We went on a helicopter tour!
It was super cool!!

That was our time in Miami!
Then we went to Panama City Beach!
It was a long drive.
There were beautiful, sunny skies...
And then 10 minutes later, pouring rain! lol
The drive was to be 5 hours. It turned into 9. Blegh!!
But we got there! 
We shared a suite at my parents' condo with my mom and dad.
Liz had one a few doors down with her family and Sam.

I love this memory.
A sat by my dad with a pillow on his lap. My dad got one on his lap, too. 
When A dropped his, my dad dropped his. It was so cute!!

We played so many games! 
It was a blast!!

One day, my dad rented a party pontoon boat.
It was raining when we left, but we had a great time!

Here are a ton of pelicans on the docks. 

he was so thrilled!

We went to Shell Island and played in the sand, buried my niece, looked for shells, found crabs-hermit and normal, and snorkeled. My boys did so great! I was super proud of them!!

After Shell Island, we went to this cool food joint. Yummy yummy seafood, cool atmosphere, not bad price. I liked it!
I loved spending time with this cute girl!

This frog showed up on the window one morning and stayed there allll day! It was amazing! We were on the 6th floor!

When in the tropics, one must scuba dive!
So us divers left the kids and went diving!
It was cool! Definitely a new experience!
The people in charge weren't what we were used to, though. 
They didn't help much, were kind of abrasive, and weren't that friendly.
The water was warm, but kind of murky. I ruined the first dive, because I wasn't at the right buoyancy and my mask was slipping off. I was confused and frustrated. Then I got a jellyfish sting!
Then the second dive went much better. The site was smaller, so it got a little boring, but I got some cool shells to take home!

We also went to the beach-not just our little bay we were by
This sand.
Nothing compares.
I love Hawaii, but FL sand is the BEST!!!

My mom is the best Gma. She's amazing. 

This guy is sexy

I have cute cute kids!!

These two had a lot of fun that week!

Lu is the sweetest big cousin! She cared so much for C and played for hours with him!!
We're heading into August, here. 
We celebrated the August birthdays!!
mine, C's, and Lu's!
The lady at the front desk learned we had 3 birthdays and sent up a care package with these babies in it. and chocolate. yum!!

The condo has events every day, so we could have easily stayed at the condo all day!
One day, M and I went to Zumba! It was great! We had a fun time dancing with all 5 other ladies! lol

The first day, the pool was HOT! 
They don't heat it or cool it. They just kind of keep it the way it is.
We figured out how to do it. 
You go in the morning or night! It was perfect in the morning!!
I loved the zero entry pool. It was really nice!

This cute boy gave us quite the scare one day.
We got a call from the front desk saying they had a boy named C there and that they think he belonged to us.
I went white as a sheet.
Apparently, when we were making dinner, and we thought he'd been with his uncle and cousin, they had gone somewhere else thinking he was with us. So he went down the elevator by himself and was attempting to go to the pool where he thought his uncle and cousin were. A kind man saw him, let him in, and tried to help him find his family. When no one was found, he brought him back to the front desk. They asked him who he was with, his name, etc. He knew Gpa's last name, so they found out which room he belonged to.
I was so scared, guilty, devastated, name it, I was feeling it.
When I got him back, I sobbed and sobbed. I held him so tight. I'm proud of him for being independent, but very scared of him running off! I'm especially thankful for that kind man. When my sister went to get C, (so I could keep cooking) she saw him leaving, but didn't get to interact with him. She asked the front desk for his info to thank him, but he didn't want to be thanked. He really truly just wanted to help.
I'll be forever grateful that a kind, loving person found my baby.

Grandbabies are the best accessories!

One evening, we did a LipSync Off! (Like Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show?)
It was a blast!
Gma gave everyone glow sticks and we all sang our songs!
I did "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor
Lu did "Fight Song"

C did a couple songs. :)

My mom is hilarious
She got my dad to do "In the Jungle" with Sam. She was lead and they did the "Awimbawe's"

Another day at the beach!

Daddy left him.

Everyone then headed home!
We drove back to Miami for our flight back out.
But this time, we took the scenic route. It was much better, even though it ended up being long.

This "hangey downey" stuff in the trees is Spanish Moss. It's everywhere!! I texted my family and asked what the "hangey downey" stuff was. They thought it was funny.

We stayed in a teeny town halfway and had more seafood at a local dive. We spent the night at an Econolodge and had about a ZILLION frogs singing all day and night.

Look at my cool souvenir! (we also got an ornament made from sand from the beach!)
It's made from a seashell. How cool is that? and it makes my hand look tan, which is a plus!

The airport was a fun place!
Excellent stores!

A life-size Goofy to hug!

Flying home. Apparently, A is Daddy's fly-guy. He LOVED looking out the window!!
Snuggling? Wrestling? Not sure anymore. We got home late. It was a LONG day of travel!

July was an exciting month! I remember looking forward to July pretty much all year! I loved it!!

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