Saturday, March 4, 2017

May 2016

I haven't seen a good picture of me singing yet. Blegh.
But it's funny. This was the week before Mother's Day. I had them help me get ready. I'd choose a super singer and they'd choose one thing to change. I love doing silly things with them! And they love it!

Another assignment for one of my classes. Teaching my own kid! Score!

Matching shapes on his necklace

May the 4th Be With You

I had a yucky sliver. I'm not sure why I have a picture of it, but it reminded me of the one I got in my toe. We had a broken glass in the kitchen. I thought I'd swept it all up, but a few days later, I couldn't figure out why my big toe hurt. There was a piece of glass in it. It hurt like crazy!!

In early May, our dishwasher wouldn't work unless I sat in front of it and leaned against it. Or we put a chair in front of it just right.
So we bought a new one! And installed it ourselves. ugh

But the kids loved having something to work on with their tools!

 And they loved the box! (Can't you tell from their faces?)

The new dishwasher!! It's gorgeous!!

We went to a small birthday party at the Rec Center. C went down this slide on his own a ton! He did GREAT!! So proud!

On Mother's Day, I used my wonderful Primary Presidency for our activity. They watched the kids and chose a super singer to put something pretty on them. It was fabulous
Such good sports!
Sis Holm, Sis Bradley, Sis Fuhriman, Sis Wayman

Me and my boys on Mother's Day. So thankful they made me a mommy!!

Awesome workout selfie

FHE by the temple with Tami and the kiddos

There are a ton more like this picture. Apparently the camera entertained him while I slept some more...

Such cute friends

peach thinning is our ward's responsibility in the spring. It's a favorite of mine

Oh my gosh. This made me mad. This is on a freeway exit!!! WHAT THE HECK, DUDE?!?!

Nice and comfy!

Took an online class. Oh man, it was sooooo boring!!!!!

Flowers and a stick from my garden!

He earned this lizard for good potty-going!

Another play day with friends!

This boy went to some Preschool at a high school nearby. He loved it

My beautiful gardens!

The local JDRF walk for TJ with J's family!

Star Wars people?? Cool!!! He got a little star struck and got super shy

One Sunday towards the end of May, I got to church choir and had had a really hard morning with my little angels. I was tired and frustrated. I confided in an older lady and she gave a quite typical older lady response "You'll miss this. Enjoy every moment." I get it. I will definitely miss this stage. Fights? NO. What I wanted was sympathy. So I kind of went to move on and another lady, older, single, no kids, came up to me and gave me a huge hug. I sobbed. She gave me what I needed. Love and understanding.
 I went to Primary and kept going. Things were fine after we'd had some time apart. Later in the day, however, the second sister came and rang my doorbell. She brought me this awesome coloring book and a bag of chocolate. It meant so much to me!!!

haha bad example of getting creative with my nails! my "flowers" turned into chubby carrots. haha

Chick fil A is one of my faves

Love this picture! Pretty lighting, messy face... So pretty

Tess's Aunt's goat had babies, so we went to meet the babies! My boys-who don't like animals too much-touched them and enjoyed them! It was cool! 

Then we had a picnic on the trampoline and C chased chickens around

Ooh! If you get a chance to go on the Bubble Run, do it!!
It was so fun!!
Stormi, Alexis, Dee, LeAnne, Kiki, Me, Kristin, Tami

Biggest problem? We were so soaked after! Make sure you're ok with your shoes getting so gross!!

fierce warriors with helmets and swords

J's parents opened their mission call! They were called to Nashville, TN as member support missionaries. They left on September 5th.

Memorial Day was bright and beautiful! Love these sweet brothers!

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