Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Octobler 2016

No, it's not a typo!
When my mom types October, she automatically puts in an L like her last name!
So it became a tradition.

The beginning of Octobler means General Conference. I love listening to Conference. It's such an uplifting and wonderful thing!

Tyty came up from Logan for the weekend! The boys were thrilled! He usually trumps Kristin in favorite when he comes. Poor Kiki.

Guess who else came?? EEEEK!!! My parents came up from Arkansas!
They brought an entire trailer full of my stuff, too! Yikes! The worst part is that on their way, the trailer broke down. In the middle of Wyoming. I felt so bad! That really stinks!
They came during the first session on Saturday. We loved having them! My boys are so cute and love them so much!!

I love going to the girls' night at Tai Pan during Priesthood session. We didn't realize that they close so early, so we stayed a bit too long. I felt bad, but we bought stuff, so we're probably ok.

 C learning how to draw people!

A's artwork in my journal. At first I was annoyed, but then I realized how much I'll treasure this later. I know I'll look back on his beautiful artwork with fondness.

Watching conference from his box. He would carry Goodnight Moon everywhere he went! LOVED this book!!

We got to hear Tyty's awesome skills on the saxophone so he could practice for a performance a couple days later
On a walk with Nanny

Oooh those curls!!

My gorgeous fall wreath I got from Tai Pan! I love it so much!!!

Pretty rose in my garden!

Red Robin for lunch with Gma and Gpa

Since my parents brought all my stuff, I needed to downsize it and figure out where to put it all. C and A loved going through it all with me. This wreath was from when I was 5/6. My big boy fits his hands in it!

We took my parents to the Faery Garden. 

And J got to go for his first time too!

We were the last people to be there because of needing to go after work, so we got the cool experience of seeing the deer that come in for food at dusk! Super neat!

We got a babysitter and went on a double date with my parents to Brick 29. I LOVE Brick 29. Delicious!!!
I got Huckleberry Pork, I believe.

J got Pheasant
We went to see the farm my dad worked on as a teenager -turns out I drive past it every time I go to my in-laws! and we also went to see the Meridian Temple. It's so beautiful!!

We went on one of my favorite walking paths in Nampa. It has a creek by it the whole way, awesome back yards, and ducks!

Drawing with chalk while Gma and Gpa figured out rope

Last night with my parents. Guys, I can't say it enough how wonderful my parents are!! It makes my heart hurt I miss them so much!! I'm grateful for technology that makes the distance small, though!

Give me a second while I wipe my eyes...

The next weekend, we played DND with the Davises and Prusses. He went all out with fish tank greenery, buildings, wood... it was fun!
Brady got a critical hit!

And J's zombie got a critical hit. Which is funny since his zombie is weak. It was awesome.

We bought a new entertainment center! I've wanted a bigger one that was more a fixture on the wall than just a storage unit for our tv. We had to do some stuff for it, so it hung out in the garage for a while. A liked to climb in it

Since I was sorting through my childhood stuff, it was time to sort through his mission stuff. I hadn't touched it in all the time we'd been together. pretty good!
He had a suitcase FULL of everything he could keep. We took pictures of some, organized most, and threw away a bit. Including the suitcase. He had to hug a few things and tell them he appreciated their service. haha I did it to my things, too!

My cute drooly boy!

I'm in love.

P's blessing! We got to go and bask in the baby time! I love when we are close enough friends that we can be part of family parties!

One of the bins that got very little thinning out was my Barbies box. I LOVED Barbies. At one point, I had an entire room just for my Barbies. It was awesome. I've kept them and played with my nieces with them, and now my kiddos got to play with them! haha

This big boy helps with the gas just about every time now. It's fun.

We got this entertainment center free from a family in the ward, so we've passed it on! It was great to us, but had seen better days and we'd outgrown it!

I was teaching more voice lessons in October, so I started taking my kids to "daycare." A lady in our ward does cheap daycare and they're usually the only ones there since it's after work hours.
C watched Curious George Halloween and had serious nightmares. The scarecrow "No-Noggin" really scared him. Poor kiddo!
So he got to sleep on our floor one of the many nights he woke up.

One of J's leaders in YM is in a wheelchair. One Wednesday night, they did wheelchair basketball. We got to go and play around with J. The boys loved it!

Mandy had a craft day at her house for Halloween crafts. we made ghosts, pumpkins, and Frankenstein Monsters with foot and hand prints. It was fun!

C's chalk family

My heart!!

October was our first month with a book other than Harry Potter for our book club! We did Austenland by Shannon Hale. It was a fun book and a delightful movie. We dressed in pj's and brought tea party stuff. I got to bring out and use all of my teacups I've collected! That was super cool!

Octobler means Halloween, which means something awesome!
I borrowed Kristin's sewing machine to see if I wanted to buy it from her. (I do, if anyone wants to buy it from her for me!) So I used it for my costume!

Shopping for Daddy's work clothes

Witches' Night Out at the Village. It was awesome. Tons of people dressed up as characters we knew and some we didn't. This one told your future as Professor Trelawny. Loved it!

Professor McGonnagall sorting C into his house of "Imagination."

The awesome ladies we went with!

Cool costumes!

Cute boy

At Jack's birthday party hitting the pinata!

C "read" this whole book to his friends. It was so sweet!

More costume work!

Earbuds are fascinating!

Healthy boy at his Dr appointment!

Bad mommy experience. C got a permanent marker and drew on my costume! I FLIPPED out.
And he destroyed my really organized piles!

The cloak is almost done!

Becky gave me a mani-pedi for my birthday and it took us almost until her birthday to go do it! It was awesome!

Working on A's costume

And C's

Then the poor kid threw up! He said he still wanted to go to the ward Trunk or Treat, but then fell asleep before we got out the door. 
J and I were already dressed up, so he went to get it set up and started and I switched spots with him.

Han Solo!

Queen Amidala!
I've wanted to wear this costume since the movie came out. So cool!

My sister and I did singing time the same week for Halloween. It was cool to be doing the same things she was!

I asked if Jana was wearing her stripey tights before I went to church. I needed her courage!

Halloween party at workout class! I was an awesome pirate!

Halloween boys!

Tradition! Pumpkin soup is awesome.

Trick or Treating in our neighborhood doesn't happen. We've had candy but had at most 3 people come. So we ditched the neighborhood and went to another one. Much better!!
Amidala, Han, Darth Sidious, and Chancellor Palpatine.

The week before Halloween, we were encouraged to dress up at the studio where I teach voice. I got to wear my Gma's kimono!
I love October!!!

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