Thursday, March 2, 2017

January 2016

My boys like to help in the kitchen. It is cute. 

First time drinking Milk!!

Hair!! My sweet baldy is growing hair!

This handsome boy went to Primary! He was a sunbeam!! 

And this one is dang cute!

However, he then got sick! Poor baby!!

Playing under the table!

Happy first birthday, Sweet kiddo!!! He's such a light in our world!!

1 year Dr appointment
19 lb 7 oz 21%
height 23%
head 95%
(Like an orange on a toothpick!)

The beginnings of them doing everything together!

Birthday party!!
 Lovin' from big brother

His cake smash was hilarious. He was NOT interested in the cake. I put his hand in it...

When I put his hand in his mouth, he then realized it wasn't so bad...
...and loved it!

I like that the kids my kids like have family we like as well.

C was in the bottom of the saucer, so we stuck A in. It was funny

 C gave his first talk in Primary only a few weeks after becoming a Sunbeam! He stood there hugging me while I read it, but no matter!

Look at those teeth! And I love that sweater.

The stuffed animals live behind the couch in the playroom. It is a fun place to hide for hide and seek and to play with your animals, of course!

Our ward had a talent show. I played a number on my clarinet and dressed all fancy.
I was proud of myself and how well I did!

Such a stud!

Holding onto his handles! (and look! A has hair back there now!)

Leather jacket, Mom's car, and shades. Cool dude.

I make cute babies.
Exhibit A

Exhibit B. haha

Love this perspective

Oh my heart!

C got this really cool marble tower toy for Christmas. It is lots of fun to play with and figure out!

Pushing little brother around!

I love Girls' Nights. I am a happier woman after girls nights!
We had a pj party, watched listened to a movie, painted nails, and had brownies in a mug.
Here's our mug shot.
Me, Becky, Erika, Tami, Shelby, Samantha
 Miss these girls!!!

Life isn't interesting unless you find toys in your fridge, right? haha!

Moving Aunt K into her new apartment!
 We were lots of help!

Gma reading to the boys for bedtime 

Jana had a birthday celebration marathon. Anyone who wanted to could celebrate with her all month long. It was a little bit overkill (that's my shoutout to you, Jana!) but I got to celebrate with her and chat and have snacks! Yay more girl time!!

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