Monday, March 20, 2017

September 2016

Here's my Jelly I made! (I've learned more since then, so don't critique my first attempt!)

And blanching corn! 

Every  year, Boise has a cool event with lots of hot air balloons. They do lots of flights, lift off every morning, etc. But we like the night glow. The one we like to go to is the night glow. They stay tethered to the ground and do the puffs of fire, so the balloons light up. It's super cool.

Playing at the park!

2 Batman boys!

Children are sometimes like cats! Sitting in tiny boxes! lol

A "beebo" is a belly button. A loves bellybuttons 

Picking tomatoes! He would bite off the narrow end, and leave the big part. Goob

Love letting them just go play outside!

Training a future geek! J has these Lego board games where you go and kill the bad guys and get the treasure. So we like to play with C. One day, he'll play DND with us. 

When we did a service day in our ward, the boys played on this play set the whole time. At the end, Sis M offered it to us! Yay! They love playing on it! C gets his mail from the mail box and A slides over and over.

I love running! I got up to 25 minutes of straight running on this one!

Fall is awesome. C loves Halloween best, I think!

Playing on the car quilt!


J's parents left on their mission on Labor Day. They went to the Nashville Tennessee Mission. They're in Kentucky for a year! I don't have specific pictures of them with us before they left, but we did our best to play as much as we could with them before they left!

I had some things to do in the entrance to Walmart and it took a while. While I was busy, the greeter played around with C. It was fun. I love it when kind people take an interest in my kids! 

I made popsicles with the fresh raspberries I got from Amanda. 
A loved them!

C thought it was a bit too tangy. haha!

We went to Toys R Us to get a cool lego set for free! It was Cogsworth!
While we were there, we had some fun!

A is obsessed with Mickey, so Minnie gets linked into that love

I don't know if it'll show up. This is a video of C giving a talk in Primary. He's awesome.

National Talk Like a Pirate Day! We got 3 dozen donuts... haha

We dressed Daddy up before giving him some of the donuts

I got to meet baby Evie! She is so precious!

Here's C's picture of his new Cogsworth.

He's excited about something! lol

We like this partition at the WIC office!

Harry Potter 7.2! We had so much fun watching all our Harry Potter movies together!!

A new Young Woman was baptized into our ward and J was asked to baptize her! It was a really special experience. She is a sweet girl!

Using all of the Legos is my favorite challenge!

A is big enough to wear C's helmet...

Shooting the grass!

I started going to workout class. 
A wonderful girl in another stake set up a workout class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We all trade off babysitting and it ends up being free! I really like it! It kicks my trash just about every time, though.

Such a cutie

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