Thursday, March 2, 2017

February 2016

Oh man, I remember this one! We had owned Woody for a whopping month and had lost his hat! I was worried we'd brought it to church and lost it in the void that is known as Nursery.
One day, I found it in the coloring book drawer! Hooray!!!

Ahhh one of my namesakes was born!
Alice Grace born to
Camille Alice
And I'm Grace Camille.
It's a cool loop.

Playing in our snow! (Not the best facial expression...whoops!)

The best snowman I could build with the limited snow...

Such cuties

The eyes! The bubbles! The cheeks! 

Ha! I remember hanging out down there!!!

 So proud of his army!

Ooh! Story!!
We had friends over to play games. They left super late. I think it was 12:10 or so. Our alarm system automatically arms at midnight. Usually, the alarm gives you a minute warning to turn it off if you trigger it. However, this night, we let our friends go and 10 minutes later, we realized the alarm was silently going off!!! Panic!! After 11, our phones are set to "Do Not Disturb" and the alarm company isn't in our favorites! So they'd called me, J, and even J's mom. No one answered, so dispatch had been contacted!!! Yikes! While we were waiting for them to contact dispatch to tell them we were fine and false alarm, cops were at our house, looking in windows. We sheepishly opened the door to tell them it was a false alarm. They got our ID's, wrote it down, and told us they'd rather a false alarm than a real problem. They were polite and we were thoroughly embarrassed. Vivint fixed the problem the next day...awkward!!

Messy faces are awesome

And blurry. A kid on the go!

 I can't rave about this awesome man enough. I love him and I'm thankful he's mine forever!
Our Valentine's included a temple date...
 ...and a date at home with yummy food and Martinelli's

My running buddies

C learning how to ride his bike

A being supportive

aww poor baby! The couch in the playroom has sharp, wooden corners under its awesome swirly fabric. It HURTS to hit yourself on it. C hit his cheek and got a rug burn on the upholstery. 

A lady in my ward started to teach me how to can! Yay!
 First up! Black Eyed Pea Soup! YUMMMMM

Cutie patootie!

C hides from the hair dryer. A likes to feel it and giggles

I have a few pics like this with naked bums, but that's not appropriate online. Instead, you get anxious to get in A. Love the back of his legs here! "Let. Me. IN!!"

Ah this was a girls night to remember! We went to Fork in downtown Boise and Tami and I shared something yummy...not sure what it was, but it was tasty! Then we went clubbing. ha! I had to give my ID! That was a first for this LDS girl! lol
Here's Samantha and Jody
 It was a first for Tami, too! 

Kristin and I started up a book club that February! We read the book and then get together to watch the movie! I love it! We started off with Harry Potter! We each took the quiz on Pottermore to find out which house we belong in and dressed accordingly. We had Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw!
Maren, Kristin, Me, Charlene

A friend of ours had a Valentine's ball at her house. It's so fun to dress up! We went to the store afterwards for some small groceries and people asked us if we had a high school dance. score!

On Leap Day, C decided he was ready to learn to go potty! I was finally ready this time!
 We had a large selection of underwear for him to choose from. He loved his Star Wars and Super Heroes best....
More to come next month!

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