Monday, March 20, 2017

August 2016

My sweet friend, Becky was due with a baby boy while I was in Florida, so I was anxiously awaiting a text! He was born on the 5th of August! Such a cutie pie!!

Opening birthday gifts with my babes

One of my gifts was Pie Face. C won't play it with whipped cream on it. Too scary and messy. ha!

Look at the bounteous fruits I had waiting in my garden!

Birthday selfie!

I got a free sub from my FAVORITE sandwich place. I LOVE Firehouse Subs!

I got some new running shoes for my birthday! They're so cute!

We went to our friend's house to meet his cute little kitten. C was pretty smitten. lol

#outnumbered Boy Mom shirt from my sister in law! Love it!

All ready for bed in Grandma stuff! A blanket and pillow case made by her and a monkey with Gma and Gpa's faces in a picture on it and Gma's voice when you squeeze it saying "A, Papa and Nana T love you!" 

Meeting baby P for the first time!!

My friends and I found this awesome garden out 20 minutes from us. It's a walking pathway with birdhouses (fairy houses), statues, and lots of fun stuff! It's the Faerie Garden
Here's an albino peacock! So majestic!

A, Griffin, Gigi, C, and Brad

All the kids ready to go! 
Griffin, Brad, A, Beckett, Gigi, C, Autumn, and Violet

This pond is in the prayer garden

My favorite fairy house

Allll the kids on the troll bridge!

Shelby gettin' hitched!

My favorite statue in the park

All us Mommies at McDonald's after the walk
Cassandra, Tami, Shelby, Samantha, Me!

 Learning how to play hopscotch! look at that air!

We love our neighborhood cat! He comes over for petting every time we're outside! (benefits of a cat without having to own one!

One of our free tomato plants wasn't turning red! Turns out they were yellow heirloom tomatoes! We ended up with about a zillion tomatoes. The boys enjoyed picking them. 

C's birthday was in August! He turned 4! He asked for a snake birthday cake. So I got some toy snakes and decorated his cake with them.

We went swimming at Gma and Gpa's pool

Opened presents

And had lots of friends!
With Hyrum and Benji

With Jack and Claire

With Melody, Emilie, Chaise, and Makayla

With Tyty, Gpa, Gma, and Kristin

C is a sweet, silly, funny, creative, happy 4 year old! 
He loves:
stuffed animals
building and tearing down

Blowing out candles!!

I believe this is when we played with Brady and Amanda. 
Crit of the night is all I got from my memory bank...

Fresh raspberries from Amanda's garden!

A passed out from tons of raspberries. He ate about as many as I picked!

Love that grin!
 Family Home Evening with the Joneses included swinging, picnic, fishing, and playing

Then I took Becky and kids to the Faery Garden!

B, C, A, & H

The troll bridge!

These statues are fun!

Beautiful peacock

Love this sweet, beautiful girl!

My boys got to hold baby P!

For my birthday, I got a gift card to Sonic, so I took my babes out on a date! They enjoyed eating in the front seat and in front of it. haha

Donut snack before a Costco trip! I got a Costco membership for my birthday! It's great! We love their wipes most!

This kid loves putting stuff on his head. My headbands, crowns, hats... it's adorable.

We made a big change in our family in August!
We traded in my wonderful Accord for a minivan!
C was sooo upset! He cried several times because he wanted the red car back! 

She's a Toyota Sienna

It has a beautiful, light brown dash with lots of great gadgets- my favorite is bluetooth! and black fabric and leather seats. I love it so much!!

This boy loves Kiki!

We went to an orchard for some cheap grapes! They were tasty and I made some yummy jelly with it!

See? headband!
August is probably my favorite month. I love being treated special on my birthday, I love having parties for my sweet big boy, and I love swimming and playing outside!

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