Monday, March 6, 2017

June 2016

I love summertime!! So much warmth and fun activities!!
We went to the park with a splash pad with some friends. It was way fun! 

Except that this kid fell off the bench and hit his head. Poor guy.

C's favorite place to play at the splash pad is the puddles!

We watched Gigi while her mommy worked and she brought fries to share!


We had a ward campout at a beautiful place about an hour and a half away.
We borrowed our friend's suburban and took two of their kids with us! 

One of the best parts of this place is the humongous waterslide!

A did not like it, but C loved it!
However, we played so long at the slide that we ate dinner late and C was hungry, tired, and cold after.

And what's a trip with a bunch of teenagers without a big cut on your forehead??
lol later, he asked me to take the bandaid off of his eyebrow, because he just couldn't rip it off. 
I pulled it on 2. haha

But we did eat some tasty hot dogs!

Ready for bed!

Fireside before bed!

Maysa was so cute with C. Playing her uke and teaching him. 
It was a long night. My boys like to sleep where they know. But hey, if you expect it to be a long night, it isn't so bad!
The beautiful sunrise in the morning

Reading books and relaxing
The worst part of this trip is that we left C's walking stick he got from Gpa C. I'm devastated. It still hurts my heart to think about it almost a year later. 

The next Sunday, we were at Gma and Gpa's and C wanted to stick his toes into their hot tub. He slipped right in. 
Gma was there and pulled him out quickly, but he was soaked. So he pulled off his clothes and ran around. Since he was potty training, we had an extra outfit, but I still have a bunch of pictures of him running around in the buff. 
Instead of that being all over the internet, here's his wet clothes.

We love park Izatt. They have toys in the front yard and fun friends to play with!

Back at the splash pad. A finally got into the splashing water, not just the puddles! He was so happy!

Summer means free lunch in the park. I love free lunch in the park! Kids get a nice, big lunch and then we can chat and play! 

Ward service day. It started out chilly in the morning, but I wasn't expecting that, so we borrowed a young man's sweater.

We went to see an orchestra play in the park. It was awesome! Great music, family environment, and my boys liked it!

Those poor musicians had to play the same song over and over and over and over while anyone who wanted to came up to lead the band. C and I went together. He thought it was cool and told everyone about it later!

J's sister, Jo and her family came from Texas to spend June with both families, so I got this lovely gem on my phone! 

Gpa reading to the two older grandsons

This kid is a snuggler

Great Grandpa Clark passed away in June 2016. He was a wonderful man. 
I loved having a grandpa around again. 
He and his sweet Marjorie loved me so much and cared so much for my family. When we were expecting, they prayed so much for us. C got to meet GGma and A got to meet only GGpa. 
He was a loving patriarch. I'm thankful for his example in my family's world.

We drove down to Utah for the funeral
It was a beautiful funeral
And a great time with family. It was perfect timing for when Jo was in town. It meant a lot to J's mom to have all her children there with her.

We went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. C was in heaven!!

A would walk around like this in every room and ooh and ahh just the right ways. 

This was super cool. It was a place where kids could play with water and sand and dinosaurs. They'd make floods, make mountains, bury the dinos... It was super cool

We did as much as we could throughout the summer days. 
This was a story time told by a pirate. It was cute. they did princess ones, too.


Aren't these carrots beautiful?? However, if you boil them together, they all turn out red... just fyi

Ward BBQ
Awesome joint, chair, huh?

Harry Potter night with my two biggest supports in this group!!
Love them both!

Picnic outside with my cuties

We found a snail!!

both of them riding the rocking horse!!

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