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November 2016

Here's our photo collage of November!

I have a TON of pictures on my phone from C this month. He really got into taking a zillion pictures!
I like this one

Eating in comfort!

C and I have a game. 
I take his socks and put them on my ears and run away from him with a Dobby voice yelling things like, "Dobby must have his socks, sir!" "Harry Potter has freed Dobby!" etc
Apparently I sound like the mom on Pride and Prejudice when I talk like Dobby...
I was watching P&P and C said "It's Dobby!" hahaha
Whoops! Needing a re-education!

Halloween Candy coming out of our ears!!

Our Lit Flicks group watched The Help! So we each made a pie to bring. I made a chocolate cream pie like Minnie did ;)
I think we also had Banana cream, Pecan, mint, chocolate with whipped cream, key lime, peanut butter, and mini pot pies

This little boy makes my heart sing!

He likes to see his reflection when he's all wrapped up in his towel.

We were at our friend's house and A had a blowout, so he ran around in just a diaper and shirt. 
Apparently his legs got cold, because he figured out how to stick them into his shirt. He even walked a little like this. It was hilarious.

This kid's style! I love it so much! He likes to put anything on his head. He also loves to play in my hair accessory drawer. So here, he has my shower headband and bracelet, a headband, and pj's that now have a HUGE hole in them. They were so cute. I'll miss those pj's.

We finally figured out how to set up the room for our new entertainment center, so these boys found a new hideout!

Snoozin' after errands. I have a blurry picture of C giving him kisses, too. So sweet

This will be in his future. Poor kid

I saw this and sent it to J. Haha

C's photos again. They look so awkward!!!

We went to the mall for some Christmas shopping and when J goes to the game store, I try on lipstick at Sephora. This was the one C chose! It was exciting!

Shopping for my first Thanksgiving in my own home! It's quite a task!!

I have probably too many pictures of these cuties in the tub. But this one can be shared! yay for bubbles!

C got checkers for his birthday and has been OBSESSED with playing! A likes to play with the dead ones

Photo credit: C

November is one of my favorite months. It's when J and I got married in 2009. He's such a handsome, sweet, cute, patient, hard-working, awesome guy! I chose so well! 
We went to PF Chang's for our anniversary this year! Yum!!

Soon after our anniversary is Thanksgiving!
We had Kiki and Tyty for a few days and we had lots of cooking and playing!
We made apple pie with my new apple corer, slicer, peeler.

K and T had their own recipes to make

I made potato rolls for the very first time. It was terrifying! BUT I DID IT!! They tasted amazing and I'm excited and terrified to do it again! It could have been a fluke!

A playing on Ty's bed

Using our pretty china, my gma's cups, my new tablecloth, and even folded napkins! lol

K doesn't like stuffing. Like hates it. It's just "soggy bread" and "doesn't taste good."
A few years prior to this year, I made a recipe for my mom's Thanksgiving for a stuffing. It was new and delicious! It had apple, fresh bread, awesome seasonings, cheese, a bacon-like meat...
I knew I had to try it on K. So I made it. Guess what, y'all! She liked it!!
Score for me!

K made candied yams

And green beans. Check out the name of her casserole dish! I love it...haha

Ty made his signature mashed potatoes
And J did a fabulous turkey! 
It was tasty and beautiful! 
Here are two of our pies!

We had a great time! Then we played games, decorated for Christmas, hung out, went to Indian food... It was a great time!

All dressed up for church!

More awesome selfies

When this kid receives stickers at the store, he sticks out his finger for you to stick the sticker on the tip.

More checkers!

We bought our tree!!!

Our first snowfall was nice and light and when we could watch it out the big windows at the library!

He just sits and stares at the tree. I love it so much!!

Accessorizing Sis C at church! I look fabulous...

Our disposal broke! That stunk. It's amazing how hard it is to go from having a disposal and a double sink to one sink and NO disposal! We bought another and installed it ourselves. We've now bought a new microwave, dishwasher, and disposal. Hoping the fridge and oven don't die...

C got these "linkin logs" for his birthday and he did a fabulous job making a house with a roof even!

C took this picture of my mom on facetime. She's such a beautiful woman! 

Here's the entertainment center almost done! There's a piece of wood that goes above the tv to be a shelf. We needed it cut, but had a hard time deciding how much to cut off, so it stayed like this for a while.

We also got a bigger bookshelf! We were BURSTING out of our two shelf one!

Love how these boys play!

Going out in the cold!

Cards in the mail from gma and gpa on a mission!

Raking leaves!


Our version of DND makes it easy to play with anyone we want. There's a family in our ward who is just about as geeky as we are. If not more. The dad (right in picture) reminds me of my big brother. The sons show me my future. (Yikes!)
So we had them over for DND and I was the Dungeon Master. We had some crazy characters! but it was fun! And it was Andy's 18th birthday, so we made a cake for him!

I was daring enough to go on stage and dance at workout class, so I got a free shirt!

Thus ends November!

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