Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2016

This sweet boy is so cute! And I love the crossed ankles!!

Covered in animals!!

When I was potty training C, I put towels and plastic tablecloths on all the floors. He had like 2 accidents. It was amazing.

Who wouldn't want a baby in a bucket!

Tippy toes!

I'm so proud of this kid! Potty training is exhausting. I was tired the whole time.

One of our first outings in public was to an awesome, 3 story tall playground. He did great! And Tyty's slide was awesome.

Every time we put sunglasses on this kid, he would open his mouth like this. It was awesome.

For our song in Primary, we played a game where if you had the bee at the end of the song where we sang "Be true be true and stand for the right," you'd get to put a flower in my hair. It was awesome.

This was quite the party with all of the books!!

I see a future here!! ;)

So happy on the slide!!

When he got enough stickers, he got to watch a movie!
 SW was one of the ones he got to watch!

We had some other kids at our house one day and one of them broke Buzz's arm off! I was so upset!!
We took him to my friend and she used her nail acrylic to fix it! It worked for a long while!!

I took a bunch of classes for recertification and had homework of teaching people around me. This lesson was about wood products. It was fun!

I think all kids like to drink their drink and play with their belly button!

K got a cool game where you fight off zombies and try to keep everyone alive. It's entertaining and really difficult. haha

A walking!!

I love when babies fall asleep while eating

My class in March for recertification was at the Botanical Gardens. I loved this class! We were outside the whole time and I learned so much!!

Cool huge hollow log!

Popcorn popping on the apricot tree!

I got a tomato with seeds growing in it! yikes!

At our library, they have the local animal and garden store bring different animals to learn about. We liked seeing the soft bunny
 and making a bunny mask

These two friends are so sweet. I loved that he was reading to her and how sweet she was looking at him!

So cute

We got an awesome app that puts different faces on you. C loved it

haha this face is awesome

We went down to Utah for a conference and I got to meet Alice!
 The conference we went to was amazing. It was called Royalty and Romance. It's a conference for couples to improve communication and teach how to rule your kingdom. It was amazing.
 Camille was a rock star for watching so many kids!

There was a great part of the event where I got to see my sweet guy up in front. He's so awesome.

They were such good kids, too!

Loved this awesome seminar!

Watching the rain! 

heehee this awesome video makes me giggle.


This was one of those not-so-great parenting moments for me. C was helping me cut broccoli. He'd done it several times. He was confident. Too confident, apparently. He cut his hand. Poor kiddo. We called Gpa and he said to put some steri-strips on it and we'd be fine.

He loved getting these great shirts in the mail from Gma. He pretends to be a dinosaur in this one

Working on their lawn mowers together

Easter 2016

 Egg hunt

Love how he looks when he sleeps!!

yummy food at Gma and Gpa's for Easter
 Our eggs we rolled for Easter

He still loves headbands. lol

For my homework for the March class, I took these cuties out on a nature walk. It was awesome!!
This is my favorite picture. I love that they are all looking elsewhere!

Got a new suit and needed to get out in the sun!

His first drawing of people. 

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