Thursday, March 2, 2017

December 2015

We were really excited to get home to Daddy. It's hard on me to be away from him and single parenting isn't fun. Kudos to you single parents out there! You're better than me!!

We went to the village with Daddy to see the fountains. A fell asleep. lol

Celebrated J's birthday! Love this man of mine. I'm so glad he's around!! Seriously. What would I do without him!!

We got an awesome advent calendar when we were in Arkansas. It's legos! When you open a door, it has some stuff to build every day! C loved it so much!!

He loves putting the star up on top!

Fixing things with Gigi

We also made it away from Arkansas with lots of awesome Christmas books and even some fabulous Christmas plates that my mom wasn't using anymore! SCORE!

I started getting adventurous in my nail art!

Ugh. If you want to curse someone, curse them with poop collection. Gross. irritating. And then tell them to put saran wrap in your kid's diaper. That won't be messy.... UGGGHHHHH
TMI coming. Feel free to skip. This is for my journaling.
In AR, I realized that A had had a rash almost every day. Then I realized he had diarrhea for about the same amount of time. I called the Dr. We went in. They weren't sure what was up, so we ran some tests. I had to collect poop throughout the next 24 hours. Most frustrating stuff. Especially with a toddler there to knock over the vial you're filling. Good stuff. Grr.
So I took it in the next morning and waited. That afternoon, I got a call direct from the Dr. Not the nurse. I should've realized that meant bad news. 
My son had Giardia. WHAT?! It's a parasite in the intestines. Usually found in streams from drinking unclean water. 
So we went and got a fancy medicine for him. The usual pharmacy didn't have it, so we searched the town. Thankfully, Linda was willing to traipse around town for me to get this stuff. It smelled like chocolate and he ate it right up.
The Department of Health called a few days later to ask me questions to figure out where he might have gotten a parasite.
Since we had been all over, I think they were confused. However, we spent the most outside time in Arizona. So I blame Tucson. lol
So that was fun! He now can't use any Huggies wipes or diapers. And Desitin brand bum cream is a no-no.

Tami had a girls' night in december. We exchanged socks and little gifts and chatted and ate yummy things! yay!

Ooh, SW 7 came out! So I dressed up. TEEENY tiny Leia buns, too!

Sassy kid!

More Caldwell lights!

I LOVE the look of wonder in his eyes here!

Idaho tree. The ornaments were tumbleweeds. haha!

Playing the piano with Gma

It snowed then! And I felt pretty! 

Christmas Eve we found Santa in the Lego Advent Calendar!!

Hot tubbing on Christmas Eve! the snow

J got this AMAZING car quilt from my mom for Christmas that year. It has a different square of fabric to represent anything you might want to do with your hotwheels! Houses, a park, temple, school, animal store, groceries, zoo, dump.... It's amazing.

The alligator was Santa's pack

We built a HUGE snowman
 C named him after himself

"here, Grandma, eat this!"

Then we went in search of more snow and made this ginormous snowball.

A was tired of it...and sleeeeeepy!


This was the year of 3 trees! A real one, a fake one, and a white fake one. It was really quite fun!

This expression is one of my FAVORITES!! C got Woody and Buzz for Christmas that year. He was sooooooooooooooooooooo excited! I remember him opening Buzz from us and when he got Gma and Gpa T's present, asking "Is it Woody???" He still loves these guys so much!!

Christmas day was more snow fun! We went and found a secluded hill and carved our own paths down the hill. Seriously. If one went down, NO ONE went down the same path again. 
It was really crazy and lots of fun

All of us crazy sledders!

I love the magic of Christmas with children! It just gets better and better!!

Cheerio booger! haha

He seemed fine with it, which is why I had to take a picture! He didn't mind and I was practically dropping him!

Such a precious boy. 
And a controller. 

New Years' Eve, we played games and had sparkling cider with the Davises

2015 was a pretty good year!

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