Thursday, March 2, 2017

October 2015

Sooooo I'm wayyyy behind. But I can catch up! I might need to set up a system to keep me going. 
But in the meantime, here's a month from about a year and a half ago! haha

Look at my cute cowboy!

J's cousin took some beautiful family pictures for us! Love the lighting and my beautiful family!

At the beginning of October, Uncle Tyler came home from his mission to Tampa, Florida. 
We were all so excited!
Here's A in his Jazz outfit and sign
"I've been waiting my whole life to meet you!!"
C was soooo happy to have Tyty back!!

Hanging with Tyty after he'd been home a day or two
We had another DND party for our Halloween session. Gotta dress up again!!
former battle captain 

Kristin's blind bandit

Tyler's righteous knight lol

My stealthy archer

He's a necromancer. lol

Magic fallen angel

Love the gems I find on my camera later! Enjoy my C's selfies

Quite a gem here...

I don't remember why he was sad, but it makes me sad!

Love this picture!!

My boy loves these boys!!!
He's so excited!

Reading with Aunt K

I think these are at Gma and Gpa's for General Conference

yep! Because then we went to Tai Pan Trading for ladies' night!

We made an awesome potion tray for Linda! Cool, huh?

Love it when they're sleeping!! So precious

9 Month checkup
18 lb 3 oz (24%)
28 1/2 in tall (56%)
18 3/8 in head (90%)

Going on a walk and Gigi was unhappy. So I tried to cheer her up how C likes to be cheered up. Apparently pictures make it worse...

Love this time. 

Pumpkin patch with C's friend H and his class

H's little brother, B

The corn box was their favorite. 

B, H, and C

Harvested the biggest, weirdest potato ever! It was delicious!

Girls' night fell through for those of us with a babysitter, so Tami and I went out to get some sushi and have a one on one Girls' Night. It was great!

This was what we came home to. So tender!

Don't you hate it when you're crawling and lose your pants? Me too. 

Leather bomber jacket. So cute.

Cutie under the table!

Such a sweet daddy!!

One can never have too many spatulas. And I got this one and it makes me sooo happy!!

And a melting witch! Happy Halloween from my mom!! heehee

Cutest firefighter ever

We went to a movie and A fell asleep on Gma. She couldn't get enough of it.

Then we went to the village

Ha! One of my Halloween decorations is a headless Barbie holding her head in her hands. I couldn't close the door once, because C had put her head there. Cracked me up

We had lots of fun playing with Gigi that month! Here we all are with a different hat each!

Halloween tights!

I love Halloween parties. However, this has been my favorite. Including after this one. 
We all dressed up, (adults only) and played night games. Oh man, it was a blast!

zombie band member


Tink and Basketball gangster

Pajama'd Bat girl

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer

For the actual Halloween night, we went to our Ward Halloween Trunk or Treat
We did Peter Pan theme. 
Peter, Tink, John, and Michael
Here's Michael
Peter and Tink

J's family came for some of it. 
Marty Mcfly (?), Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, Steam Punk, Michael, Peter, Tink, John, and The White Rabbit (I think she was technically a dead white rabbit...)

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